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Beat the Heat: Prepping for Summer Weather

Whether you love the summer heat or hate it, it’s time to talk about prepping for summer weather. Summers can get more intense in some states than oth

9 Things Every Bushcraftsman Should Know About Tracking

Why is tracking important in bushcraft? You may think you don’t really need to know how to properly track an animal, human, or group, but any good bus

The Top 6 Things Preppers Get From Hiking

Whether you’re new to prepping or you’ve been a prepper for years, hiking is one of the best things you can do to increase your skill level and master

5 Things to do After SHTF

We spend a lot of time preparing for when shit hits the fan. We learn new skills, invest in new gear, and practice our escape routes. Essentially, we’

6 Ways to Create the Ultimate Base Camp

When you’re camping, your base camp is everything. Especially when you’re on a long camping trip, base camp should be your home away from home, and it

6 Things About Medical Kits Every Prepper Should Consider

Without a medical kit handy, you and your family face grave danger. Even if you do have one, do you have everything you need? More importantly, do you

5 Survival Items You DON’T Need

We’ve all seen the lists: “12 Survival Items You Should ALWAYS Have on You,” “Never Leave the House Without These 4 Things,” “The One Thing Every Bug

20 Questions Every True Prepper Should be Able to Answer

Are you a true prepper? The best way to find out (without throwing you into a SHTF scenario and watching your every move) is by answering a few questi

Disaster Preparedness 101

It seems after all of these storms lately that now is the best time to talk about disaster preparedness. Know what disasters your area is prone to, an


Ahh, tactical gear. If you’re part of the BattlBox community, you probably have your own go-to EDC and tactical gear. But if you’re just startin


Getting caught in a fire: something we rarely think about but definitely should. Would you consider yourself prepared when it comes to dealing wit


Nuclear explosions are one of the deadliest types of attacks. With the power to kill millions in its path, these detonations are difficult to prep

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