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Learn from the BattlBox team of professionals, and get prepared. Read through our in depth, hands-on glossary of Articles to brush up on your technical & survival skillset.

Backpacking the BattlBox Way: What Every Backpacking Trip Needs

What makes a good backpacking trip great? Is it being totally prepared for whatever may come your way? Is it looking cool while doing it? Is it having

7 Unexpected Uses for Your BattlBox Tarp

There are few tools out there as versatile (and simple) as a tarp. There are so many more uses for it besides just building a shelter. Don’t let it si

Jungle Shelter Building 101

You’re probably not planning on getting lost in a jungle any time soon (if you are, we’d love to hear why…), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be pr

Year in Review: 2017

It is surreal at times to think we have been sending out BattlBoxes now for 2.5 years. What began as an idea has grown into something none of us ever

8 Self Defense Tips for the Survivalist

We like to make sure we’re prepared for anything. Whatever survival situation we’re placed in, we plan ahead, we think through our options, and we com


Planning a hiking or camping trip is exciting, but let’s face it, we could all afford to be a little more practical -- especially when it comes


Incase you haven’t heard, at the beginning of 2017, we set a goal to raise $2,000,000 for veteran-owned businesses by including these items in our


Ahhh, the Fourth of July: the one day a year when everyone joins you in celebrating the red, white, and blue. You celebrate our nation every day,

Two Simple Things to Consider When it Comes to Camp Hygiene

Camping is meant to be a fun, informative, and relaxing time away from the real world and responsibilities. So who has time to stay clean and hygi

How to Bear-Proof your Campsite

Here are some things you can do to bear-proof your campsite: Create separate spots for your tent, your kitchen, and your food storage -- 100 yards

The Easiest 3 Things You Can do to Take Care of Your Knife

Each knife requires a different level of care, but here are a few basic tips to get you started. If you’re not at least doing these things, you ne

Basic Necessities for Every Bushcraft Pro

If you’re looking to become a bushcraft pro, there are a few things you’ll need to make sure you have with you. Bushcraft is all about using skill

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