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Included in this kit is a Speedy Sharp Knife Sharpener and Sentry Solutions Lubricant to keep all your blades sharp and clean. The American Multicam Patch Hat and hot/cold thermos are perfect for those long days outside. The Timberline Tool and D.U.T knife are perfect EDC tools for around the house or small projects. We know how often people in the outdoors acquire cuts or scratches so we included the Quick Seal Wound Care Spray Powder. It works like a charm! Finally, the button lamps are perfect for closets, workshops, cars, or any place without significant lighting.

  • Speedy Sharp Knife Sharpener/Ferro Rod Striker - $9.99
  • American Made Multicam Mesh Back Patch Hat - $21.99
  • Hot/Cold Vacuum Insulated Train Thermos - $22.99
  • BattlTac D.U.T. Knife (Daily Utility Tool) - $11.95
  • Timberline EDC Tool - $6.99
  • Sentry Solutions TUF-Glide 1-4 oz. pen applicator - $6.99
  • Quick Seal Wound Care Spray Powder - $8.99
  • Panther Vision Button Lamps (6-pack) - $8.57
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