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Foraging Gift Box


This is a great kit for foraging in the outdoors.  The Lord + Field Farmhand Knife is great for cutting and slicing roots, leaves, or stems, and the Lord + Field Trail Bag is perfect for storing those on your hip without all the extra bulk and weight.  If the job is a little bigger, the folding shovel can get the job done, and you can easily store it in the pouch that is included with it.  Finally, the Wazoo Forager Bandana and Complete Guide to Edible Plants are great sources of information on foraging. 

  • Lord + Field Farmhand Knife - $39.99
  • Folding Shovel Entrenching Tool (E-Tool) w/ pouch - $17.99
  • Lord + Field Canvas Trail Bag - $24.95
  • Wazoo Forager Bandana - $11.00
  • Complete Guide To Edible Plants - $11.00
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