DD Hammocks - DD Tarp 3x3


The DD Tarp 3x3 is our recommended shelter for bushcraft and hammock campers of all experience levels and offers reliable protection wherever you go. Featuring 19 reinforced attachment points, it offers a huge number of setup options, and it’s the tarp of choice for bushcraft & survival schools, the military, and countless wild campers worldwide! Highly versatile, the Tarp 3x3 provides ample cover for a single person plus gear. Arrange it in an A-frame or diamond over your hammock for all-round protection, or simply use it to extend a porch on your tent. You can cook underneath it, use it as a ground sheet, or craft it into a tipi-tent... it’s the perfect tarp for any situation or camping in any environment. For some of the many tarp set up options, please see the Vidjas with CURRIN1776 on our YouTube Channel in the Tarp Shelter Series playlist. Your DD Tarp 3x3 will come in Olive Green or Coyote Brown.

  • Stormproof: Incredibly strong yet light polyester material with a 3000mm rated PU waterproof coating - designed to fend off even the most severe rain, leaving you to enjoy a dry campsite
  • Multiple setup options: 19 reinforced attachment points around the edges and along the ridgeline provide huge amounts of options for different shelter styles - can be used above a hammock, as an awning on your vehicle, or by itself on the ground
  • Lightweight and compact: Weighing in at only 28oz (excl. pegs and guy lines) and packing down to a compact size for the coverage on offer - ideal for small day shelters in the garden or multi-day expeditions alike
  • Included for a quick set-up: Tarp 3x3 , 4 Pegs, 4 Guy Ropes, Stuff Sack



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