Condor Greenland Pattern Hatchet w/ Leather Sheath

A great hatchet can perform all the duties of a saw, large fixed blade, mallet, etc. If sharpened correctly, it can even feather a stick and make fine kindling. This hatchet is about 16" overall. This is a good size as it’s not as small as a typical camp axe but not so large that you don’t carry it with you. This hatchet is balanced very well and feels great with its American hickory handle. Also comes with a Handcrafted Welted Leather Sheath to protect the business end of this rascal.

  • Head Dimensions: 5.87" x 3.66" (149 x 93 mm)
  • Head Weight: 24 oz. (680 g)
  • Overall Length: 16.02" (406.5 mm)
  • Blade Material: 1060 High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Finish: Condor Classic
  • Handle Material: American Hickory Wood
  • Sheath Material: Handcrafted Welted Leather
  • Weight: 30.4 oz. (862 g)
  • Made in El Salvador


Condor Greenland Pattern Hatchet w/ Leather Sheath

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