BattlTac D.U.T. Knife (Daily Utility Tool)

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Pronounced "duty", this retractable razor knife can be quickly deployed to open boxes or perform many cutting tasks with precision. Designed with the intent of saving your more expensive EDC blades from the harsh adhesive and edge ruining experiences of opening difficult packaging, this rugged little blade, designed by Daniel Dabbs, our CEO, solves this problem.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Uses standard replacement utility blades, works great for daily cutting tasks, prevents hard use on your expensive pocket knives, the best box cutter - open boxes with ease, cut cord or small rope, light-weight precise cutting made easier, easy to carry in a small pocket, the hole for lanyard or para-cord, grenade inspired grip design

  • DAILY UTILITY TOOL (EDC): It's in the name! This is the best all-around everyday-carry tool. Easily attach to a car key-chain, lanyard, or slip into a small side pocket

  • COOL DESIGN: This mini retractable box cutter is the best when light-weight and precision are a must. It has a military-grade quality and cool green grip. This utility knife is also best used in tactical, survival, hunting, camping, hiking, backpacking, and more

  • BEST HOLIDAY GIFT FOR LOVED ONES: This knife/cutting tool makes the perfect gift for him or her. Whether for a son, husband, boyfriend, or other significant other, they are sure they will love this knife. It is cheap, as in inexpensive but durable quality for long-term use

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