BattlTac Kubotan



As promised, this is our first release of a product under the BattlTac brand!

The BATTLTAC KUBOTAN is the perfect addition to your outdoor self-defense arsenal. Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum, this compact and durable tool is designed to deliver powerful jabs to nerve or pressure points. With a narrowed point, it offers more precision and effectiveness than traditional kubotans.

The removable pocket clip allows for easy and discreet carry, and it comes in a gift box. The 6" x 1" handle width and 1.2oz weight make it easy to handle and use. This is a great option for hikers, campers, or anyone looking for a reliable and effective self-defense tool for outdoor adventures. It's also an ideal tool for law enforcement, military, and security personnel.

  • Aluminum, Steel Pocket Clip in a gift box
  • 6" x 1" (handle width); 1.2oz

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