Battlbox Gift Box

Camp Comfort Gift Box


This kit is all about making your life easier and more comfortable around camp.  The Boker Plus Multi-Tool can make so many little tasks easier especially when all your tools are in one compact device.  The hot/cold thermos is great for whatever the beverage of your choice is, and the Wooden Kuska Cup is also great for sipping on coffee or tea.   The comfort insoles will help relieve strain on your feet, ankles, knees, and back which will help to reduce soreness after a long day of hiking or any other strenuous activity.  Finally, the mosquito net is great for the camp, so you can relax while not being bother by those pesky critters. 

  • Boker Plus Tech-Tool City Multi-Tool - $59.99
  • Going Gear Hot/Cold Vacuum Insulated Train Thermos - $22.99
  • Wooden Kuska Cup - $14.95
  • Single Person Mosquito Net - $8.99
  • Comfort Insoles - $9.99
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