Nesting Camp Stove Set



    This 5 Piece Nesting Pot Set and Mini Stove has everything you need to get cooking outdoors while camping, backpacking, fishing, and hiking - Comes with a Brass Stove, Wind Screen, Cooking Pot with Lid, Stove Base, Wind Screen Nesting Setup to hold the Pot in place, and Cleaning Cloth - Featured in BattlBox (Mission 13)
    Nesting Pot has batwing handles and comes with a Pot Lid that can also double as its own smaller cooking pot - Mini Stove is made of Brass and conveniently sits in the Nesting Stand - Everything comes conveniently packed in a black mesh carry bag - Awesome Nesting Cup Stove Set that is suitable for 1-2 people
    Stove Stand and Pot are made of Anodized Aluminum making this Cookware Kit very lightweight and easy to carry - All the objects in this cooking set can be stored together in the mesh bag, saving space and convenient to carry - store in your rucksack when going camping, backpacking, hunting, or any other outdoor activities
    Brass Stove has a foldable handle on the flame regulator to control and extinguish the flame - Or you can remove the brass stove and cook with wood tinder

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