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Cooking Gift Box


This is the perfect starter kit to get you cooking on your next outdoor adventure. The camp stove set is compact, light, and comes with a mesh carrying bag perfect for when on the move.  The Esbit pocket stove is also a nice smaller stove if you are limited on space but still need to be able to cook. The collapsible tripod is also another great alternative to cooking.  The Spice box is a great way to store salts, peppers, or other spices without having to carry the entire container.  The KA-BAR Tactical Spork is a heavy-duty plastic spork, but also has a pretty sharp knife that is inside and detaches from the spork. The 5 pack of hot dog roasters/ marshmallow roasters are great to use with friends and family around the camp fire.  Finally, we included a Backpacker’s pantry meal we know you will love.


  • Camp Stove Set - $29.99
  • Esbit Pocket Stove w/ fuel cubes - $10.99
  • 2 Pack of Light My Fire Spice Box - $12.99
  • Portable Campfire Collapsible Tripod - $23.99
  • KA-BAR Tactical Spork - $7.99
  • Backpacker’s Pantry/ Louisiana Red Beans and Rice - $4.50
  • 5 pack Telescoping hot dog-marshmallow roaster - $8.99


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