Exclusive offer for you - Get this 1000 Lumen Nicron Headlight!


Stop carrying a flashlight around and go hands-free! This high-quality and multi-function twin-engine headlamp is perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, climbing, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Choose from three modes to fit your situation— spotlight mode, flood light mode, or red-light mode. The H35 is made with anti-slip straps, fits comfortably on your head, and can be easily adjusted to fit on hats and helmets. It's IP65 water resistant and rechargeable so you're never stranded without batteries. When you set off on your next adventure, take the H35 along and see how convenient it is to have a headlamp that frees up your hands for the journey ahead!


  • Includes Spot, Flood, and Red light
  • 1600Lm High Brightness
  • 30 hour run time
  • W

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