Edible Wilderness Playing Cards

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This deck features 52 different edible plants found in the North American wilderness. The Edible Wild Foods Playing Cards deck is full of valuable, survival information.

Each edible plant is shown in a full-color photograph for easy identification. A map identifies the geographic areas where the plant grows in the wild. The card face explains warnings, characteristics, uses, plant parts, aliases and special cooking hints. For example, the stems, leaves, flowers, and hips of roses can be eaten raw, saut'ed or steamed.

Each Edible Wild Foods 52 card deck comes with a key chain to keep the cards handy during hikes and camping trips. This deck is ideal for hikers, campers, scouts, survival experts, gourmet cooks and parents wanting to teach their children about the abundance of wild food around them. These Wild Foods Playing Cards have traditional suit marks and can be used for many fun card games or poker.

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