Exclusive offer for you - Get this Caliloha Compression Sack!

The Big Kahuna Compression Sack is a BOSS when it comes to compressing those huge bulky items! This sack makes packing for that next road trip, camping or boating excursion, RV adventure, etc. far easier and more convenient.

No more dirty bedding and pillows just thrown wherever they’ll fit. Ideal for any large gear that you want to eliminate the worry of getting wet, dirty, or unorganized. Made from durable double ripstop material and treated with a water-resistant coating, the Big Kahuna is up for the task.

This sack will fit 6-8 pillows or 3-4 sleeping bags or 4 pillows & 4 blankets or 3 pillows & 3 sleeping bags, the kitchen sink and more LOL!
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