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MecArmy TPX33 Titanium Tactical Pen



The MecArmy TPX33 Pen is made of TC4 titanium and comes with a Fisher Space refill which gives the availability to write underwater or in space. And at the one end, there's a tungsten steelhead for self-defense and glass breaking in an emergency. 


  • TC4 Titanium alloy shell, permanent color, corrosion, and scratch-resistant finish
  • Tungsten steelhead for self-defense
  • Fisher Space Pen refill included
  • Elegant appearance, designed for everyday use 


  • Material: TC4 titanium alloy
  • Refill: Fisher Space Pen
  • Length:135mm/5.31in
  • Head Diameter:12.5mm/0.49in
  • Body Diameter:7mm/0.28in
  • Weight:35.7g/1.26oz
  • Feature: Titanium, Glow bar
  • Accessory:2×O ring

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