MODL Bottle with Rinse Mod



Say goodbye to your cabinet of bottles and say hello to MODL. Replace bladders, water filters, outdoor showers, and more with one easy-to-use system. MODL is Lego for adventure. At the swap of a cap, MODL transforms from a top-notch bottle to a hydration pack, water filter, and more. Flexible, durable, and an incredible drinking experience, MODL is designed with adventure in mind. The MODL bottle is an open-ended tool and the base of the MODL system.

We also included the Rinse Mod with the bottle. The Rinse Mod enables you to convert this water bottle into a portable shower or water dispenser for a quick and easy way to wash your hands, gear, camp cooking, and four-legged friend... the choice is yours. Easily hang it up with the supplied straps or use the MODL Flexabiners.

MODL Bottle Features: 

  • Collapsible & durable silicone body that won't dent or scratch 
  • Mix-and-match functionality with MODs 
  • Easy cleaning with double-ended design
  • 36oz (1.1L) capacity
  • Sustainable modular design with more uses than we can imagine



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