Mykel Hawke Arrowhead Set with Carrying Case



This set of uniquely designed hunting tool accessories was inspired by the cultures that Mykel Hawke himself had spent time with during his services with the armed forces. They are simple yet extremely effective and versatile designs that can be used for numerous hunting techniques. Active spear hunting, trapping, or fishing are all practical food procurement techniques made possible by this set of high quality arrowheads.

5 Arrowheads Include:

Clovis: A clovis point is a fluted projectile that takes after the traditional North American Indian Arrowhead, traditionally used for bows to hunt game as large as buffalo.

Medieval: Also known as a Bodkin Point, the medieval arrowhead is one of the simplest designs used extensively during the middle ages. The wide cutting surface of a broad head is capable of inflicting a large amount of damage with a single hit.

Kirk: A similar shape as the Clovis Point, but with 2 serrated edges! This allows for multiple functionality as a cutting implement as well as an effective arrowhead, although the additional friction upon entry due to the serrations cause less penetration, which is only a small sacrifice to pay for the added versatility of a serrated arrowhead.

Sahara: A more complicated arrow design, the double pointed shape allows for a 'gut-hook' type removal scenario. No worries about the prey running off and leaving your arrow behind. The Sahara Arrowhead will remain embedded in the flesh until your capture is complete.

Frog Gig: Ideal for gigging, the multi-pronged spear tip makes catching fish and small game easier and more effective than traditional single point tips. A small sacrifice in potential depth of penetration is worth the added accuracy obtained by increasing the strike range.

Any of these arrowheads can be used for arrows, spears, or even as pieces of an innovative hunting trap. The set is small and light, making it a great addition for survival treks or emergency caches. Of course, the recreational side of these serious weapons can be fun too!

Hawke's Arrowhead Features:

  • Black oxide coated stainless steel
  • Anti-reflective
  • Hollow ground edges for sustained sharpness
  • 1.5" in length

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