Pyro Putty Summer Blend

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Fire Starter
- Remove a piece the size of a pea up to a nickel from the tin.
- Expose the fibers in the putty and ignite with lighter, matches, ferro rod or magnifying glass. A piece the size of a Nickel will burn for 8 to 10 minutes. (In high wind conditions, Establish flame before exposing to wind.)

- Pull a small piece of putty through the center of the disk and light.
- Press down on disk as putty liquefies to feed flame. Do not leave unattended or remove disc while burning. 7 hours of burn time per tin.

Glow in The Dark
- Expose putty to UV light for trail marking

Waterproof, Floats and Small Repairs
- Rub on leaky tents or shoes to waterproof.

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