12 Pack Strike Force Energy


Comes with 3 original, 3 grape, 3 orange, and 3 lemon flavors.

Make your own 16.9 oz Energy Drink!!   No Sugar.  No Calories.  No Stirring.  No Shaking.

    Add one pack to a standard 1/2 liter water bottle (or 16 oz glass) to turn your water into a full power energy drink.

    Each flavor pack is a liquid that is sugar / calorie free, but adds an explosion of energy and flavor to any beverage.  There's no mixing, stirring or shaking, and the flavor will never settle to the bottom like crystals or syrup.

    Provides caffeine, taurine, potassium, and B vitamins.

    Now in brilliant, shiny, chrome-like, reflective packaging.  If you've seen the white packets, wait to get your socks knocked off!

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