Battlbox Gift Box

Zombie Box®


This box is perfect for when SHTF or a Zombie apocalypse! With the zombie targets, you can practice your shooting or knife throwing. The Lord & Field Fortel Knife gives you an advantage with a 7.5" blade. A combat medic bag is included for serious injuries. The BattlBox flashlight and EDC tool are perfect to carry anywhere in your pocket. We included two trip wire alarms which could be used to alert you of nearby zombies. Finally we included Meal2Go pack with 1/3 of your daily nutrients and a pack of Sh!t Kits for when you need to clean up. 

  • Lord & Field Fortel Fisherman Knife - $129.99
  • Combat Medic Bag - $64.99
  • Tripwire Alarms (x2) - 43.98
  • Zombie Targets (5 pack) - $9.99
  • BattlBox Flashlight - $9.99
  • Timberline EDC Tool - $6.99
  • Greenbelly Meal2Go Meal Pouch - $7.25
  • Potty Packs Sh!t Kit (x2) - $5.00
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