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This marker contains a fluorescent green dye which spreads over the surface of the water so as to increase ones visibility for a pilot to see. The marker can easily be placed in a a life vest pocket or life raft safety kits.

This product is procured by the United States armed services for use on all military aircraft and vessels conforming to MIL-S-17980D specifications. The Fluorescent Sea Dye Marker comes in a vinyl heat-sealed double pouch attachable to life vests or ring buoy. Just pull the tab to release fluorescent dye and mark a very large surface area. The bright green pattern on the water can be seen for a mile or more and lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. Wind and the choppiness of the water will effect the shape of the pattern. A field test study was done by Powerboat Reports in their October 1995 issue. They tested flares, streamers, mirrors, and smoke flares, as well as the dye marker. Powerboat felt the marker was the most effective tool for sea rescue. One should always keep in mind that, in the event of an emergency on the open seas, it is important to have as many rescue devices as possible on hand.

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