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When it comes to outdoor and survival gear, you need products that are tough, reliable, and built to withstand anything. That's why BattlBox's BattlGear collection is your go-to source for high-quality gear that's designed for hardcore adventurers. From heavy-duty knives and axes to tactical backpacks and versatile multi-tools, our collection features everything you need to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Our team of experts selects each item in our BattlGear collection to ensure that you're getting the best quality gear that's both practical and functional. Shop now and gear up with the toughest gear around!

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When it comes to outdoor and survival gear, you need products that are tough, reliable, and built to withstand anything. That's why BattlBox's BattlGear collection is your go-to source for high-quality gear that's designed for hardcore adventurers. From heavy-duty knives and axes to tactical backpacks and versatile multi-tools, our collection features everything you need to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Our team of experts selects each item in our BattlGear collection to ensure that you're getting the best quality gear that's both practical and functional. Shop now and gear up with the toughest gear around!

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More and more people love to spend their time in nature. That's why they love camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Enjoying and exploring the adventurous outdoors is always fun, relaxing, and exciting unless you forget your accessories. A wallet, hat, hoodie, lighter, etc., are some of the most important accessories you should have throughout your adventurous outdoor trips. Getting out without these important accessories can make you feel miserable. Unlike regular accessories, outdoor enthusiasts have some special needs to consider when buying outdoor gear. Any accessory you choose for your next outdoor adventure must add value to your look and experience. Various outdoor accessories are available in different shapes, colors, designs, and prices. However, if you want to invest in outdoor gear that is perfectly versatile and suitable to use for different activities, BattlBox is here to hold you back.

Get everything you need to stay protected outdoors from BattlBox BATTLGEAR.

BattlBox has brought a lucrative variety of BATTLGEAR ready to be worn on any outdoor adventure. Whether you are going hiking, camping, bushcraft, hunting, or any other outdoor excursion, some things must be bought from BATTLGEAR. Whether it's a windproof lighter or a stylish hoodie, BattlBox BATTLGEAR has something for everyone.

• Most importantly, all the products listed under our BATTLGEAR category are top-notch. Premium quality material has been used to manufacture all our supplies here.

• In addition, these products are meant to last longer and don’t get fade or become ineffective with a few uses at all. You can enjoy the best look of these accessories for longer.

• BattlBox BATTLGEAR category has it all for you. From utility wallets to BattlBox t-shirts, you can find everything here to add fun, style, and safety to your ever-outdoor experience. It would be worth exploring this category at BattlBox to see what we have for you.

• Investing in our BATTLGEAR is certainly a long-term investment for you. It is because all the supplies here are meant to last and can withstand the rough and tough outdoor conditions in the best possible way.

With an amazing variety of BATTLGEAR available at BattlBox, you can be well-prepared and safe outdoors. You can use us:

• Hats to protect your head from direct UV light

• Wallet to keep your belongings secure

• Windproof lighter to start a fire anywhere, and more.

Well, the list of items in our Battlgear list and their uses are multiple. Learn about these below to understand things better.

BattlBox provides an amazing range of BATTLGEAR for you

BattlBox is arguably a paradise for outdoor lovers. We help our adventure enthusiasts to keep the best quality Battlgear in their hands on the go. So they can have more fun and enjoyment during their outdoor recursions. The variety of items available under BattlBox Battlgear is pretty impressive. Do you want to learn about the variety of Battlgear we offer at BattlBox and how opting for these can benefit you? Let’s indulge in the details enlisted below to understand things better.

So, here we go:

Hats and Beanie

Hats and beanies are not only an important part of your everyday fashion. These are imperative for your adventurous outdoor trips, also. Whether it is a BattlBox hat or a reversible beanie, these are designed to benefit you in multiple ways. Here we have enlisted how BattlBox hats and beanies can benefit you throughout your outdoor trips: • Added protection from increased sun exposure. Everyone loves enjoying warm and sunny days outdoors, but no one wants to experience overexposure to the sun. That’s where BattlBox hats and beanies can help you to achieve optimal sun protection.

• Protect your eyes from bright sunlight.

One of the key reasons to invest in BattlBox hats is improved vision. BattlBox hats can protect eyes from sunlight which is ultimately important when you are outdoors. You can use our BattlBox hat to protect your eyes on a bright sunny day.

• Stay cool or warm

Using our hats while performing outdoor activities can help keep your head cool. Due to this, you will have to hydrate yourself less than otherwise. On the other hand, using our reversible beanie can help you stay warm when it is cold outside.

The types of hats and beanies available at BattlBox

Here are different types of hats and beanies that you can find in the BattlBox Battlgear category:


Here we have a top-notch baseball cap that features stylish details and a low crown. The contrast stitching of this hat adds more to its style. The front panel of our BattlBox hat is made of a polyester/cotton blend. Due to this, you can enjoy a light structure with a flexible nylon back. Our BattlBox hat can provide a comfortable fit with a snapback closure.


This trucker hat is another durable and versatile headwear option that you can get from the BattlBox Battlgear range. It features a unisex design and is perfect for providing you with all-weather protection in the best possible way. The mesh panels in its back provide improved breathability. Overall, this amazing patch hat is ideal for keeping the sweat away and offers a cool and comfortable hat-wearing experience with its adjustable back strap. You can easily consider it a perfect headwear solution for your next adventurous outdoor trip.


BattlBox helps you to be well-prepared for any outdoor activity. You can invest in BattlBox reversible beanie to keep your head warm throughout the trip without any hassle. The reversible design of this beanie makes it easier for you to switch your style whenever you want.

Mask and filters

Wearing face masks and filters is second nature for most outdoor enthusiasts. Masks and filters in our BATTLGEAR range are highly suitable for protecting you from airborne infectious health problems. The face masks and filters from BattlBox provide a physical barrier between the mouth and nose, through which the air has to pass to enter the lungs. Wearing BattlBox face masks with filters is arguably the best way to protect yourself from inhaling toxic chemicals, viruses, allergens, dirt, and other contaminants, especially in the wilderness.

The variety of face masks and filters available at BattlBox

BattlBox Battlgear can provide you access to the best quality masks and filters that you must buy to stay protected even in the wilderness:


BattlBox Battlgear range features high-quality PM2.5 filters you can replace on the go. These replacement filters are here to provide you with an additional layer of security with their 5 particle blocking layers. In addition, the activated carbon filter can let you breathe easily and safely anywhere and at any time.


Here we have another combo deal to ensure enhanced protection of our consumers. The deal contains machine washable and reusable masks and filters to offer amazing protection. These BattlBox masks are prepared with combed cotton, ensuring softness, breathability, and comfort. Above all, the adjustable ear loops of these BattlBox masks can provide a comfortable fit on the go. In addition, the flexible nose clip can ensure a perfect seal.


If you want to ensure triple-layered protection when out in the wild, investing in a BattlBox mask is your best option. The BattlBox mask is manufactured with premium quality, washable, and reusable combed cotton. The outer layer of this mask is particle resistant. At the same time, the 3D chin design ensures a comfortable experience of using the BattlBox mask.

T-shirts and hoodies

BattlBox t-shirts are also a fruitful investment for you to make. These t-shirts and hoodies featured in our Battlgear range are meant to ensure maximum comfort, high stain protection, and a luxury feel. You can wear these t-shirts in rough and tough outdoor conditions without experiencing any wear and tear. In addition to providing perfect style, BattlBox hoodies, and t-shirts ensure a soft and comfortable wearing experience. The unique designs available at BattlBox can make it easier for you to make an impressive appearance anywhere on the go. You can easily dress up or dress down our stylish t-shirts and hoodies to achieve a perfect look for any occasion.

What type of t-shirts and hoodies can you find at BattlBox BATTLGEAR?

We provide a variety of t-shirts and hoodies at BattlBox. However, the best options you can find in BattlBox Battlgear range include:


Our ultimate BattlBox shirt contains the iconic BattlBox logo on its front, back, and even sleeves. The t-shirt is made of Combed Ring-Spun Cotton and polyester to provide you with a more comfortable and breathable experience in the best possible way.


Another amazing option that you can find in BattlBox Battlgear is this hoodie. The black hoodie, with the iconic BattlBox logo in contrast, can be the perfect option for any outdoor enthusiast. The hoodie features 66/34 polyester and ring-spun cotton for a perfect luxury, soft, and comfortable feel. *Important Information* Choosing the perfect size, design, and color to style your t-shirts or hoodies in the best possible way is always recommended. Measure your size accurately and then compare that with the BattlBox size guide to choose the best fit for you.

Utility wallets

Even though water is your best friend for staying hydrated outdoors, it won’t be that great for your casual wallet, even if you have bought a high-quality leather wallet. Even though choosing high-quality materials is important when opting for an outdoor wallet, keeping the weather conditions outside in mind is also important. Our utility wallets are perfect for any outdoor trip. These are water-resistant and help protect your valuables in the best possible condition.

Get the best utility wallets from BattlBox BATTLGEAR.

Do you want to invest in the best utility wallets to protect your valuables in any weather condition? You need to invest in the utility wallets featured under the BattlBox Battlgear category. Here are the best utility wallets that you can consider buying from BattlBox Battlgear:


The EDC utility wallet isn't necessary to keep your valuables protected. It also works as an amazing multitool to benefit you in multiple ways. For instance, if you are out in the wild and need a bottle opener, the Bastion Gear EDC utility wallet can help you in a pinch. This durable and solid utility wallet features 4 different tools, including;

 Bottle opener

 Head screwdriver

 Mini pry

 Nail filer

The black wallet can also hold your cards and cash securely. It doesn’t even have a bulky look. So you can slide it into your pocket easily without feeling heavy.


Investing in this BattlBox custom wallet is worth it if you want to elevate your outdoor look. The wallet is made of premium quality leather and can handle all the adventures on the go. The wallet provides you with a lucrative combination of refined and rugged. It has ample space to hold cash, cards, and other identifications. BattlBox custom wallet is a practical yet sophisticated accessory for any outdoor lover. Windproof lighter When we are out in the wild, we usually have limited resources. However, having a windproof lighter in your backpack can make a great difference. It won’t only let you enjoy the comfort of a warm drink outdoors. It can serve as a lifesaving tool sometimes in the wilderness.


BattlBox has this windproof lighter with a classic zippo logo in gift packaging. You can even fill it with zippo fuel for a lighter to ensure its optimal performance. The distinctive Zippo click makes the lighter easier to use. The metal construction makes this zippo lighter and ideal for any situation. The refillability of these custom BattlBox zippo windproof lighters makes them ideal for a lifetime.

Invest in the best BattlBox BATTLGEAR to enjoy all their benefits on the go!

BattlBox Battlgear features high-quality, durable, and long-lasting Battlgear. You can buy these items to enjoy all their benefits and versatility on the go. However, if you have questions or queries regarding supplies listed under this category, contact BattlBox. Our professional and dedicated team is always here to hear from you.