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Discover the ultimate collection of exclusive gear at BattlBox! Our Exclusives collection features top-of-the-line survival and outdoor gear that you won't find anywhere else. From innovative tools and gadgets to cutting-edge apparel and accessories, we've got everything you need to take on any adventure. Our team of experts carefully curates each item in our Exclusives collection to ensure that you're getting the best quality gear that's both practical and functional. With BattlBox, you can rest assured that you're getting the gear you need to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Shop now and take your outdoor game to the next level!

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BattlBox Exclusives

Discover the ultimate collection of exclusive gear at BattlBox! Our Exclusives collection features top-of-the-line survival and outdoor gear that you won't find anywhere else. From innovative tools and gadgets to cutting-edge apparel and accessories, we've got everything you need to take on any adventure. Our team of experts carefully curates each item in our Exclusives collection to ensure that you're getting the best quality gear that's both practical and functional. With BattlBox, you can rest assured that you're getting the gear you need to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Shop now and take your outdoor game to the next level!

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BattlBox Exclusives: The best items you need to head to the hills or stay safe in the wilderness.

Whether you are planning to go camping, hiking, bushcraft, fishing, or something else, having some exclusive gears are must to make any outdoor trip a success. The elements in the wild can sometimes be unkind to you. The worst thing you can experience during that period is a lack of preparedness. Not having high-quality and reliable items in hand can put you in a more devastating situation. Fortunately, investing in expensive, blinged-out items is unnecessary to ensure your safety and protection outdoors. A few must-have essentials can help you to enjoy the best time outdoors. However, when buying outdoor essentials, consider product quality and reliability important. Otherwise, these can leave you hanging in the middle of a bad situation with no solution. For instance, relying on a poorly manufactured rope for fishing may fail on your mid-trip. The condition can make you extremely annoyed and frustrated. However, investing in high-quality BattlBox Exclusives can save you from the hassle and help you stay protected and safe throughout the trip.

BattlBox exclusives are a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts

Thankfully, BattlBox has some creative comforts in its BattlBox Exclusives category to make any emergency more bearable when you are out. BattlBox features thousands of supplies to benefit outdoor enthusiasts in normal and survival conditions. However, some of these are here to provide added benefits due to their versatile applications. Such versatile items we have enlisted under our BattlBox Exclusives category for you. You can directly visit this category to find everything you need from one place. The BattlBox Exclusives category has listed various items that every outdoor enthusiast must have. The items range from a fire starter to a custom wallet. You can use these items for multiple purposes and ensure an exciting and enjoyable trip. The tools available in our Exclusives category can excite anyone due to their reliability, versatility, and premium quality. With BattlBox Exclusives, you won’t have any reason to buy these outdoor items very often. You can get all these exclusive products right on your first purchase from BattlBox. So, you now have enough reasons to invest in BattlBox Exclusives for your outdoor adventures.

The variety of BattlBox exclusives you can get from here.

Fortunately, BattlBox has brought an amazing range of items in its Exclusives category. You can consider buying these exclusive items from here to enjoy all their benefits on the go. Do you want to have a brief overview of what we have in our Exclusive range? Or do you want to know how our BattlBox Exclusives can benefit you in any outdoor excursion? Look at the details below to understand things better in this regard.

So, here we go:


BattlBox Exclusives has also listed the best quality southern survival fire starter here to buy.

• This fire starter is incredibly reliable and compact. Any prepared-minded person must consider having it in their backpack to stay safe and enjoy delicious meals on the go.

• The mini fire starter is highly efficient and can be an ideal substitute for people who don’t want to carry a hefty fire starter with them.

• This fire starter is extremely easier to carry. You can keep it in your pocket, The minimalistic design of this fire starter never means ineffective. So, stay in peace whenever you are out with our southern survival fire starter. You can easily keep it in your wallet or pocket or hang it in a keychain without any inconvenience.

Importance of investing in BattlBox Exclusives Fire Starter

A fire starter is arguably one of the must-haves for any outdoor enthusiast. The use of a fire starter can help you to:

• Stay warm

• Cook food

• Boil water

• Keep the bugs away.

Any camping or other outdoor trip can never be completed without a reliable fire starter. Starting a fire using a fire starter isn't only important to have fun. It, in fact, is imperative to stay safe in survival situations as well. There are various ways to start a fire, but none is as convenient as using a fire starter. So, whether you are planning to spend some outdoors or want to go for an adventurous outdoor excursion, investing in a fire starter is a must.

ELECTRONIC EAR MUFFS (BattlBox Limited Edition)

Another amazing product that you can find in our BattlBox Exclusives list is this limited-edition electronic ear muff. The ear muffs provide added protection when you are out in the wild.

• These ultra-compact ear muffs can ensure superior ear protection.

• BattlBox Limited Edition Electronic Ear Muffs' low-profile design provides a comfortable fit.

• Picking up outside noise and broadcasting it for balanced and ultra-clear sound is possible due to HD speakers and two omnidirectional microphones that these ear muffs feature.

• The sound-activated compression of our electronic ear muffs has a blazing-fast reaction time. This feature ensures improved hearing protection on the go.

Benefits of investing in BattlBox Exclusives Electronic Ear Muffs

BattlBox electronic ear muffs can amplify even quieter sounds to make it easier to communicate without shouting. The integrated microphones in these electronic ear muffs ensure easier and smooth communication and message broadcasting. The most important reason to invest in BattlBox Exclusives electronic ear muffs is increased hearing protection and better safety. It doesn’t only amplify quieter noises. In fact, it can also muffle loud noises that otherwise can be very demanding on your ears. In addition, the electronic ear muffs have a slimmer profile over the ear. The slimmer profile makes these ear puffs highly comfortable and beneficial, especially when shooting long guns.


Here we have the ultimate BattlBox Exclusives crew neck t-shirts for you. The t-shirts feature Combed Ring-Spun Cotton and Polyester in their construction. Both high-quality materials provide added comfort, style, and breathability when wearing these crew neck t-shirts. BattlBox always uses top-of-the-lining fabric to produce its Exclusive white t-shirts. The availability of the iconic BattlBox logo on the shirt adds more to its style and exclusivity.

Why should you invest in BattlBox Exclusives premium quality t-shirts?

Perhaps the most important reason to invest in BattlBox Exclusives t-shirts is their durability. The t-shirts available here are of premium quality because of the best materials used in their manufacturing.

• Both cotton and polyester are less vulnerable to wearing and tearing. Consequently, the stitching of these t-shirts is less prone to come apart even in extreme outdoor conditions.

• In addition, the longevity of the t-shirts available in the Exclusives range is another important reason to buy them. Due to durable material and reliable stitching, you can expect to wear these t-shirts for a longer time in their best condition.

• The best quality t-shirts available at BattlBox Exclusives aren't only long-lasting and strong. In fact, these are also ideal for having a comfortable wearing experience. So, you can easily up your style game with our exclusive t-shirts for any event.


Another must-have item in BattlBox Exclusives is our QUIKCORD BATTLBOX EDITION. It is a lightweight and compact tool that comes in handy to eliminate aggravation. Paracord is the handiest tool used by adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. You can use this tool in a variety of applications. For instance, this BattlBox Exclusive tool can provide you with a temporary fix for something you break. Above all, these tangle-free paracord comes up with a nighttime signal and built-in blade for emergencies.

Importance of investing BattlBox Exclusives QUICKCORD BattlBox Edition

Well, there are various reasons why this BattlBox Exclusives paracord is important for you to buy. It can serve as an ideal alternative to your normal cords. Regardless of how safely you try to pack your cords, these usually become a tangled mess every time. Due to this, it becomes harder to use your cords quickly in your hour of need. On the other hand, our exclusive QUICKCORD BattlBox edition is a tangle-free cord you can use on the go. You don’t have to spend your valuable time detangling your cords anymore. In addition, this tool features excellent resistance to rough and tough outdoor conditions. So, using these in various applications will become easier and more convenient.


BattlBox custom wallet is another must-have item listed in the BattlBox Exclusives category. This custom wallet isn't only amazing for safely holding your cash, card, and other stuff. In fact, it will also help you to get ready in style to handle all your outdoor trip adventures in the best possible way. The custom wallet from BattlBox features a magnetic money clip and provides enough space to keep your cash and cards. The BattlBox custom wallet is made of premium quality leather, giving it a timeless and rugged look. Overall, it is a sophisticated yet practical accessory that every outdoorsman should have.

Benefits to buying this custom wallet from BattlBox Exclusives collection

This BattlBox Exclusives custom wallet is perfect for you not only because of the obvious durability it offers. In fact, the style statement, functionality, and premium quality are also additional reasons to buy this.

• The discreet design of this custom wallet makes it highly convenient to carry anywhere.

• The BattlBox custom wallet is surprisingly lightweight and compact. Due to this, it can easily slip into your pocket without adding much weight.

• The best thing about this BattlBox custom wallet is water-resistant.

It means all the essentials you keep in this wallet are completely protected regardless of the weather and outdoor condition you face.

Why are BattlBox exclusives great to buy?

For multiple reasons, all the products listed in our Exclusives category are the best to buy. However, do you still want to know why BattlBox Exclusives’ range is so special for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts? Then here is what you need to know in this regard.

So, here we go:

1. BattlBox exclusives come up with premium quality materials. All the products listed under this category are guaranteed for their quality, exclusivity, and reliability. Having our Exclusives with you on any outdoor excursion can add more fun, convenience, and joy to your overall experience.

2. From BattlBox fire starter to tangle-free Quickcord and BattlBox t-shirts, all the supplies in our Exclusives category are meant to add comfort to your outdoor trips. We offer a variety of easy-to-use products that are ready to use out of the box. The best thing about BattlBox products is that they don't require any learning curve.

3. Arguably, outdoor trips can bring you a lot of excitement and fun. However, sometimes these trips can lead you to a survival situation too. It may happen due to extreme weather conditions. In such conditions, it becomes necessary to have essential safety items in hand to stay secure and survive the emergency safely. Fortunately, all the items listed under our Exclusives category are here to ensure your protection when in the wilderness. These reliable items can help you stay safe in the best possible way.

4. Our exclusive products can withstand rough and tough conditions. As mentioned earlier, BattlBox Exclusives are made of premium quality materials. In addition, all the items we provide at BattlBox are tested thoroughly under real-life situations. Due to this, you can always stay in peace when having BattlBox Exclusives in your backpacks.

5. We guarantee the durability to impress our customers. The compact and strong construction of BattlBox exclusives makes these supplies everlasting.

6. Our BattlBox exclusive category features versatile items. The variety of items available here ranges from fire starters to t-shirts. So, regardless of your needs, you can find something from here easily.

7. Our BattlBox Exclusives are premium yet practical. These items can be the handiest to use in a variety of applications.

BattlBox ensures 100% customer satisfaction with its exclusive products. We provide top-notch customer support to all our customers. Contact us if you have any concerns about our items or want to know more about the Exclusives listed on BattlBox. We are always here to provide quick help and resolve all your concerns as best as possible.