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Looking for the latest and greatest survival gear trends that have taken TikTok by storm? Look no further than BattlBox's As Seen on TikTok collection! We've scoured the platform for the most buzzworthy, must-have items that are sure to up your outdoor game. From fire starters and knives to emergency kits and hydration systems, our collection features top-rated gear that's been tried and tested by survival enthusiasts. Get in on the action and upgrade your outdoor gear with the hottest products of the season. Shop BattlBox's As Seen on TikTok collection today and be the envy of your next camping trip!
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As Seen on TikTok

Looking for the latest and greatest survival gear trends that have taken TikTok by storm? Look no further than BattlBox's As Seen on TikTok collection! We've scoured the platform for the most buzzworthy, must-have items that are sure to up your outdoor game. From fire starters and knives to emergency kits and hydration systems, our collection features top-rated gear that's been tried and tested by survival enthusiasts. Get in on the action and upgrade your outdoor gear with the hottest products of the season. Shop BattlBox's As Seen on TikTok collection today and be the envy of your next camping trip!
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Stack up the hottest items with BattlBox As Seen On TikTok collection

TikTok has become a huge social media platform in such a small time, and today, it is used for all sorts of content ranging from entertainment to marketing. Several content creators post about the products that are unique, latest, and hot in the current markets. So, if you want to buy such items, BattlBox has your back. Saying that “As Seen On TikTok” is just the new version of “As Seen On TV” won’t be wrong. The common thing about such products is that they have unique and the latest features that can significantly impact your life under different conditions. That makes these products a must-have for everyone who loves living an adventurous life.

What is the BattlBox As Seen On TikTok collection?

At BattlBox, we bring products from all categories that link to an adventurous lifestyle. You can find everything here, whether that is an indoor survival situation or going through extreme outdoor conditions. As Seen On TikTok is one of our product collections solely dedicated to the products you may come across on TikTok. Since there are a lot of creators and influencers on TikTok, we try to cover all the products that you will find useful under the survival and adventure category.

The top 15 items from the BattlBox As Seen On TikTok collection you need to try.

Here are the top 15 As Seen On TikTok products at BattlBox. So, see which ones are relevant for you and give these a try.

1. Stainless steel grill set

The stainless-steel grill set is a perfect item for those who love to have grilled food. You can prepare grilled food with or without a stove with this set. You get a complete grilling experience with all the tools and accessories that come along with it. Since it is made with pure stainless steel, cleaning it will be a breeze making it a perfect addition to your camping cooking set.

2. Emergency water storage kit

This water storage kit is perfect for emergencies where you are stuck inside your home for days or weeks. It has a storage space for 65 gallons of water, and you don’t need any extra space for the container. When not in use, it packs up in a small package, and when you want to fill it up, simply place it inside the bathtub, and you will be good to go with a water supply for up to 2 weeks.

3. Fire starter plugs

You can find multiple products for starting a fire. But the issue is usually their consistency. You can start a fire but need more fuel to keep it running. With BattlBox fire starter plugs, you get 5 minutes of burning time, which will be good enough to prepare a cup of coffee. However, if you want to cook something, use additional plugs and add some more fuel. The best part is their non-greasy dry formula and over 10 years of shelf life. So, storing them for long and packing with other products even when the pack is open wont be an issue.

4. Gun oil pen

Ammunition becomes essential in survival situations, and you never want to have a gun that is unreliable for the situations you need most. Whether it is some wild animal you need to shoot or an intruder in your place threatening your family, the gun oil pen will ensure that your guns always stay lubricated and well-functioning. Storing it is extremely easy, and you always get a reliable supply of oil for ammunition.

5. Thermoplastic ribbon for repairs

Several times, you will need tape or twine to tie something while camping or join two parts. Tapes and twines get the job done, but their durability is not up to the mark. This ribbon is made from the most adaptable and strongest thermoplastic you can easily carry in your camping kit. So, this ribbon will always accompany you, whether it is about joining something or crafting a tool.

6. Multipurpose weather alert radio

This radio from Eton comes with all the features a normal radio brings, along with many more. The main highlight of it is that it can work with solar power, battery power, and by hand cracking. The battery inside it is enough to keep the radio on for 72 hours. Some additional features of this radio include charging your smartphone, working as a backup emergency light, and a red flashing emergency light.

7. 72-hour nutrition backup kit

The 72-hour food kit comes with 32 services, and it is ready to be eaten since you only need to add water before consuming it. As seen on TikTok, it has around 25 years of shelf life for easier storage. So, whether you are packing for an indoor emergency or want to carry something reliable on your next camping trip, this nutrition backup kit will be more than enough.

8. Water purifier bottle

A 16.9oz water bottle that doubles as a water purifier is perfect for every situation where you don’t have enough clean drinking water. Since it is a 2-in-1 product, you don’t need to carry a separate cleaner and water bottle. Its best quality is that it purifies water into drinkable water in 10 seconds and can purify up to 300 cycles. You can purify 3 liters of water every minute with this bottle.

9. Neck LED light

The neck LED light is essential for low-light situations where you want to work hands-free. This product has lights on both sides and an ergonomic stand over your neck. You can adjust the neckband and lights for the best visibility. So, whether you are moving in the wilds at night or cooking while camping, the hands-free operation of this light will keep you efficient and comfortable in all situations.

10. Metal polish

In camping and survival situations, you cannot care more for your products since you don’t have the right tools. This metal polish solves that problem since it can prevent oxidation and rusting on different metal surfaces. It is a perfect product to use on:

• Guns

• Knives

• Pocket blades

• Axes

The best part is that it works flawlessly on raw metal, stainless steel, paint, and chrome surfaces.

11. Multi-tool screwdriver

A multi-tool screwdriver can be useful when you need to tighten a screw but don’t have the perfect tool. It is a pocket-friendly gadget that can be carried anywhere with you. Despite its small size, it contains multiple screwdrivers faces allowing you to work on most things in a survival situation. A perfect product for opening battery compartments covers survival gadgets for replacing batteries.

12. Monocular

Visibility is the key to survival in the hardest conditions. If you want to move between 2 points filled with enemies, knowing the right path can be critical, and this monocular allows you to do that conveniently. It gives you 8 times magnification power, so whether you want to see the clearest path or send a signal for help, this monocular will be a perfect go-to item. It can greatly assist you in hunting for your next meal on a camping trip.

13. Multi-purpose flint kit

This multi-purpose fire-starting kit comes with everything you will need. It comes in a wooden box that contains everything inside. There is a length of flint and carbon steel, which come with handles for comfortably holding them while using. This product even comes with some cotton tinder to instantly start the fire, which will catch all the sparks from the flint. The flint and steel must stay dry; both come with paracord handles for hanging them to dry.

14. Vehicle escape tool

The vehicle escape tool is a multi-purpose tool that is safe for everyone trapped inside a car. It comes with multiple features, including:

• Seatbelt cutting

• Breaking window glass

The durable construction contains a stainless-steel blade sharp enough to cut through thick seatbelt fabric like butter. The spring-loaded spike is designed so that you don’t have to hit the window with any force. This gadget is made with durable ABS plastic so that it can last for years.

15. Folding shovel

The last one here is a folding shovel. Often you will need a shovel for camping trips, but carrying one is simply not possible. This one is intuitively designed to go inside bags since it folds. It is made with a durable yet thin sheet, so the weight and form factor is considerably convenient even in compact camping bags.

Who are the BattlBox As Seen On TikTok collection items for?

TikTok, as a social media platform, contains all types of content, so the products shown here are also related to different situations in life. Some are good for students, while others are kitchen gadgets. The ones you find at BattlBox are carefully selected for the following situations.

Extreme survival situations

Extreme survival situations are the most unexpected ones since these are usually caused by nature. These include situations like floods or hurricanes where survival becomes very hard. Apart from that, things like a power cut and nuclear explosion can also leave you in such survival situations. All the products from this category perfectly fit conditions where you must make the most out of the least available resources.

Outdoor trips

If you are going for an outdoor trip, you cannot carry everything with you, but for a better experience having the necessities is essential. So, you can try determining which products will make your outdoor trips even better. Your focus while selecting the products must be on usability factors and the convenience of carrying. The multi-purpose tools are the best in such situations since they can do many things while occupying only a small space.

Camping situations

You may need to camp on an outdoor trip or even in an extreme survival situation when you don’t have any buildings around you to stay. This whole situation can become much better if you have the right products with you. Cooking, preparing meals, and drinking clean water is among the things you cannot go without. So, the water purifier bottle, grill set, and meal kit will be your perfect companion for these situations. Moreover, you can pack as many things as you can carry and need for camping.

Why do you need to try BattlBox As Seen On TikTok products?

BattlBox is your one-stop solution for buying all products related to an adventurous lifestyle. Multiple product categories make shopping for the desired products extremely easy. However, when you go through the As Seen On TikTok category, your experience will further enhance. Here is how:

Get hold of the latest products

While you can buy some of the best adventure and survival products from the dedicated categories at BattlBox, going for this category brings a different experience. Here you will find the hottest and latest products that everyone wants. So, having a category that contains only the most popular and highly functional items will enhance your shopping experience.

Reliability comes from good reviews.

Shopping with peace of mind is one of the biggest benefits of this category. This category at BattlBox ensures reliability from BAttlBox with additional peace of mind since you have seen the products and their functionality in the TikTok videos. So, these products are not only about being popular but also about the functionality and value you get.

Best prices

The benefits of shopping at BattlBox do not stop there. Along with the best quality, range of products, and reliability, you also get the best prices. The prices are already set competitively. However, things get even better for some products since those come with additional discounts. So, with BattlBox, you can get the famous As Seen On TikTok products without breaking the buck.

Start packing with BattlBox today.

Whether packing for indoor survival or camping in the wild, having all the right tools is essential. You may already have some of the best tools and gadgets out there. However, your collection can be even better with our BattlBox As Seen On TikTok category. So, start looking for the products you need and packing today.