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Hunting Gift Box


This kit will help you sharpen up your shot, blend into your environment, and improve your tracking abilities! You will be able to make a more precise shot with the tips in this long-range shooting handbook, and we included a metal target to practice on. Once you have improved your shot, we’ve added some gear to increase your camouflage. To wrap it all up, we’ve added a tracking kit and snare to help catch those pesky little critters.

  • MISSION Enduracool Bucket Hat (Camo) - $12.99
  • Sniper Veil - $11.95
  • AR500 4” Gong Target - $11.95
  • Long Range Shooting Handbook - $24.95
  • Survival First US Tracking Kit - $24.95
  • Snare (pack of 3) - $6.00
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