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Parcil Safety NB-100

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Introducing the NB-100 Tactical Gas Mask, a reliable and robust solution for personal protection in hazardous environments. Designed with a heavy-duty, tactical approach, this gas mask is crafted to withstand the most demanding conditions while ensuring your safety.

Equipped with the NB-100 is the Defense N-B-1 filter canister, a high-performance filter that effectively removes a wide range of harmful gases, vapors, and particles from the air you breathe. This filter provides reliable protection, making the NB-100 an essential gear for law enforcement officers, military personnel, emergency responders, and anyone who requires top-notch respiratory defense.

The NB-100 Tactical Gas Mask is equipped with left and right 40mm NATO ports, adding versatility and compatibility to its already impressive features. These ports allow for easy attachment and integration of various accessories, such as additional filters or communication devices, enhancing the functionality of the gas mask to meet specific operational requirements.

Comfort is of utmost importance, which is why the NB-100 features a 6-point attachment adjustable mesh head harness. This innovative design helps distribute the mask's weight evenly, reducing cranial pressure for extended periods of wear. Whether in high-stakes operations or prolonged field activities, the adjustable head harness ensures a snug and comfortable fit.

With its 200-degree panoramic field of view, the NB-100 offers unparalleled situational awareness. This wide field of vision allows you to maintain excellent visibility of your surroundings, keeping you alert and ready to respond to potential threats. Whether navigating confined spaces or maneuvering in open areas, you can rely on the NB-100 to provide an optimal line of sight.  The NB-100 lens has undergone rigorous ASTM testing and achieved certification under ANSI Z87.1 standards.

The NB-100 gas mask comes equipped with an anti-fog feature that ensures clear visibility, even in diverse weather conditions. From hot and humid environments to cold and frigid climates, this gas mask keeps your vision unobstructed, enabling you to perform with confidence and precision.

The NB-100 is built to handle extreme conditions, capable of withstanding environments with oxygen levels as low as 19%. This resilience ensures your safety in environments where oxygen is scarce, such as during chemical spills or industrial accidents. Rest assured knowing that the NB-100 gas mask is a dependable shield, protecting you when you need it most.

Invest in the NB-100 Tactical Gas Mask, a reliable and high-performance respiratory protection solution. Its heavy-duty design, coupled with the Defense N-B-1 filter canister, adjustable head harness, panoramic field of view, anti-fog capabilities, and tolerance for low oxygen levels, make it an essential gear for professionals operating in hazardous environments. Trust the NB-100 to provide the utmost protection and peace of mind.


  • Head Harness: 6-point attachment adjustable mesh head harness
  • Port: Left and Right 40mm NATO Ports
  • Field of View: 200-degree panoramic field of view
  • Impact-resistant ANSI Z87.1 certified lens
  • Anti-Fog: Suitable for hot and cold weather environments
  • Industries: Law enforcement officers, military personnel, emergency responders, and individuals requiring respiratory protection in hazardous conditions
  • Not suitable for use with traditional glasses. Full-Face Masks can be worn with a Spectacle Kit, which can be seen by clicking here
  • Fit Test Compatible with  TSI Fit Test Adapter 8025-CEN

Package Contents:

  • 1 x NB-100 Tactical Gas Mask
  • 1 x Defense N-B-1 40mm A2B2E2K1P3 R Filter



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