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Discover the latest and greatest gear in outdoor and survival with BattlBox's New Collection. Our team of experts has carefully curated a selection of top-quality products that are perfect for adventurers and preppers alike. From high-tech gadgets to rugged tools and accessories, our New Collection has everything you need to take on the great outdoors with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our products are designed to help you stay safe and prepared in any situation. Shop now and gear up for your next adventure with BattlBox's New Collection.

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Discover the latest and greatest gear in outdoor and survival with BattlBox's New Collection. Our team of experts has carefully curated a selection of top-quality products that are perfect for adventurers and preppers alike. From high-tech gadgets to rugged tools and accessories, our New Collection has everything you need to take on the great outdoors with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our products are designed to help you stay safe and prepared in any situation. Shop now and gear up for your next adventure with BattlBox's New Collection.


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Missed a Mission? Shop the BattlBox New Collection

BattlBox is the right place to buy all your survival gear, adventure equipment, and EDC. What makes the shopping experience so much better here is that every type of product has its different category. However, if you have been shopping at BattlBox previously, chances are you have already gone through all the older products. Since we always have newer products coming up at BattlBox, this New Collections category contains all the new products that you need to check out.

What is the New Collection at BattlBox?

If you are done with your adventure equipment shopping and want to add something new to your collection, then this category is what you need to look at. We have carefully selected these products to launch apart from any other categories. So, you will find the latest and most unique items here.

What type of products does this collection contain?

As the name says, it is a category specifically designed for new products only. At BattlBox, you can find products ranging from camping to EDC, gift cards, blades, clothing, fishing, etc. In the New category, you will find products from all these categories, and the special thing about these products is that you wouldn’t have seen those previously at BattlBox.

Different products in which the New Collection will offer you great value

Here are some of the best products in the New Collection category. The thing about these products is that they are new from previous products in every perspective, and on top of that, every product brings a lot of amazing features.

1. Sharpening stone

You will always find tons of knives, blades, and even axes when shopping for survival and camping gear. However, there is rarely any option to find the right tool to sharpen them if they get dull. Our experts understand that those sharp objects are used for cutting down different things, and they can get dull sometimes. So, we introduce the sharpening stone combined with a cleaning brush. Now all your sharp tools can always stay clean and sharp with this single product.

2. Blade and axe wax

Since you keep the blades, knives, and axes sharp and clean, something must protect them against the environment. In a survival situation, you don’t always get the right type of water to clean your blades. Similarly, the humid environment can cause rust due to the oxidation of these metallic objects. So, you can use the axe wax that works perfectly for all types of metals, including knives, axes, and even blades. This wax is 100% food-grade safe and will work on all knives as well as cutting boards for waterproofing them. You can even use it on wooden and leather handles for conditioning them.

3. USB camping light

You don’t have enough electricity at a campsite to power the bigger lights. So, this USB camping light strip can change your camping experience with a soft ambient light. The best part is that you can power it from different sources, including:

• Hydro phone chargers

• Fire phone chargers

• Solar power banks

• Car charger

• Portable power stations

Anything that gives off 5volts DV output can power these lights for hours. The light is waterproof and lightweight, so that it can be carried and used in almost every situation.

4. Solar Power bank

We rely so much on gadgets and tools around us, most of which work on a battery. These tools can be crucial in a survival situation. For example, if you have a smartphone for contacting your loved ones or a flashlight for low-light situations, once the battery runs out, you will face a big problem since there is no electricity. This solar power bank uses sunlight to charge an 8000 mah battery based on lithium-polymer technology. So, this battery can charge most smartphones up to 2 times. It even contains a built-in LED grid light that produces a bright light for hours. If you get electricity at some point, you can also charge it with the USB input, and one of the best qualities of this power bank is its rugged construction.

5. Custom wallet

One of the latest products from BattlBox is this custom wallet that follows the minimalist design allowing you to carry a few cards and some cash in it. The custom wallet comes in a slim and smart design that can easily fit in most bags and pockets, so you can leave the bulky wallet at home when not needed. This wallet is made with original premium leather, so it can take the most wear and tear while maintaining its classy looks.

6. Outdoor cooking set

One of the latest products you will find at BattlBox is this Outdoor cooking and good storage set. When camping, you cannot carry many utensils with you while they are necessary for eating food. So, this cooking adventure set comes with perfect items to cook and consume a meal for two. There is a metal container that you can use for cooking food and boiling water. It also comes with a load and 2 cups inside it. When you want to store some food, you can store it in cups, and they go inside a metal container that is then closed with the lid offering safe food storage.

7. Zippo Axesaw

The Zippo brand is known for its lighters, but it also produces some camping tools and survival gear. One of its products that you can check out at BattlBox is the Axesaw. It is the combination of an axe and a saw that use the same handle, so next time you need to clear your way or cut some firewood, this one will be your best choice. The 5-inch stainless steel head and 15-inch axe are perfect for cutting wood of small to medium size.

8. Rust-protection gun bag

If metal is not treated correctly, it can easily oxidize with the moisture present in the environment, and the most common items that will be the prey of rust include:

• Guns and their mags

• Knives

• Blades and saw

• Axes, etc.

If you cannot cover everything in the gun with oil or blade wax, getting this rust protection bag will be your best choice. You can securely place and carry your gun in it along with multiple magazines, and it will also make a good bag for placing your pocket-friendly knives to protect them from rust.

9. Rechargeable AAA batteries

Walkie-talkies, flashlights, radios, and many other old-school gadgets that come in handy under survival situations use AAA batteries. So, if you do not have backup batteries for those electronics, they will become useless as the current batteries run out. It is a situation where these rechargeable AAA batteries can give you a lot of backups. These come in a pack of 4, and these batteries are charged with USB C power so you can keep all your gadgets running for a long time. Combining these with the solar power bank offers an even better experience.

10. Flint fire starter

Survival gets exponentially easier when you have the fire. You can cook food with it and protect yourself from cold air currents. However, starting a fire is not simple if you don’t know the technique. Most matches and gas lighters fail to work if they get wet; the most reliable solution is using the Flint fire starter. It is a 6-inch-long bar of flint that can be struck with any steel part, and the sparks it produces will easily start a fire under most conditions.

Why is getting BattlBox New Collection products a game changer?

You can go to any category of products available at BattlBox to shop for whatever you need. However, this category is a game changer for everyone looking for something unique. Here are a few reasons why the new category at BattlBox changes the way you shop.

A complete collection of products that you may have missed previously

BattlBox has a lot of loyal customers, and if you are one of them, chances are that you already have most of the items for your survival. However, if you have missed anything previously, you don’t need to look further. Browse through the New Collections category at BattlBox, and you will find anything that you wanted and was not available at BattlBox.

Your packing list will be complete.

You always start with a packing list when packing for survival or camping. The shopping experience is not that good if you cannot find everything on your list. With this new category at BattlBox now, your packing list will be complete since it contains many items previously not here.

No need to look anywhere else for the newest and best products

BattlBox brings you the most demanded products for all types of adventure. Now we have almost everything that you need in one place. With the addition of this category to the previously existing 20 categories, we are sure that you will never need to go anywhere else to find what you need.

The same great shopping experience

At BattlBox, our priorities are customer satisfaction and a great shopping experience. So, no matter which category you shop from, you will enjoy the same experience without making any compromises, and our experts will be available at your service at any time.

BattlBox carefully curates the New Collection category for our loyal customers.

The products listed for you at BattlBox are not just online listings that are famous on different platforms. Instead, our team of experts carefully curates these products specifically based on their reliability and function. So, here are a few reasons why shopping with BattlBox offers you the best experience.

Our experts picked the items that you guys may have missed previously

The experts carefully pick everything we provide to our customers at Battlbox. We noticed that previously some things were not available in their designated category. So, after thorough research and development, our experts have designed this new category that now completes the adventure gear shopping experience for you.

A separate category ensures that you only go through the latest products.

Since you need to buy the latest items, mixing them up with the old categories won't do justice to our customers. That’s why this additional category is designed. Now, if a customer wants to go through the items recently launched at BattlBox, they only must browse through this category since it contains all the new items you will find in other categories.

Products from multiple use cases are available.

Adventure is not only about camping or survival. Sometimes you can buy stuff that is useable under multiple circumstances. For example, a fire starter kit is essential for camping, surviving natural disasters, and even when you are on the move. This category contains products that are applicable for multiple use cases. So, if you are looking for the most generic items, this collection makes a perfect choice.

Not only are the new products here but the latest versions of old ones are also included.

The New Collection at BattlBox does not mean we only introduce the new products here. We also introduce the latest versions and upgrades to the old products listed on BattlBox. So, you can always own the latest products with the latest features.

Why choosing BattlBox once again is the right option for you?

BattlBox is undoubtedly the best place for shopping for all your adventure gear. However, if you have previously bought everything you needed for survival in any situation, this will be the time you try BattlBox once again. Even if you are trying us for the first time, we are sure you will have an amazing experience since we set the bar of expectations high for every customer. To us, customer satisfaction matters the most, and whether it is about the quality of products or learning the right way to use them, we always have our experts available for your assistance. We ensure that none of our customers has to compromise in any aspect.

So, with all the new tools available at BattlBox, contact us now if you want to learn anything about them or want any assistance.