SkySaver Rappelling Backpack - 80'



SkySaver is an innovative provider of portable emergency evacuation kits utilizing its patented, high quality Controlled Descend Device (CDD) technology for emergency evacuations in industrial and home settings.

SkySaver is your way out of life threatening situations caused by fire, earthquakes, hurricanes and terror attacks, when main escape routes are inaccessible. The SkySaver Rescue Backpack enables you to easily, quickly and safely evacuate from emergency situations through a window or balcony. SkySaver is a Controlled Descent Device (CDD), which will slowly and automatically lower you to safety. SkySaver is designed for everyone - no special training or skill required.

SkySaver is easy for everyone, No skills required. Simply follow SkySaver’s 3 step process to descend to safety. Once out, SkySaver safely and slowly descends you to the ground

Product Dimensions: 13 x 8.3 x 17.9 inches ; 30.3 pounds

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