Mission 100 Contest Terms and Conditions



Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before participating in the BattlBox Mission 100 Contest (the “Contest”). By entering the Contest, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. The Contest shall be construed and evaluated according to all applicable federal, state and local laws. Void where prohibited by law.

The Contest is sponsored and administered by BattlBox, LLC, 161 Britt Waters Rd, Milledgeville, GA, 31061, questions@battlbox.com (“Sponsor”).


1.1. The Contest is open to individuals aged 18 and above that are existing ACTIVE BattlBox subscription customers as of May 15th, 2023 and who reside in a jurisdiction where participation in the Contest is legally permissible. Void where prohibited.

1.2. Employees of Sponsor and/or its affiliates and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.

1.3. Participants must have a valid email address and comply with all entry requirements specified by Sponsor.

Entry Submission:

2.1. The Contest begins on May 15, 2023 at 12:01:01 AM Eastern Time and ends June 9, 2023 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time.

2.2 Entry to the contest is automatically submitted for all ACTIVE BattlBox subscription customers as of May 15th, 2023 (each being an “Entrant”).

2.3. Each Entrant receives 1 entry. An additional entry is given to each Entrant that has been an active subscriber (as of May 15th, 2023) for more than 1 year and each additional year that such Entrant has been a subscriber (as of May 15th, 2023). An additional entry is given to Entrants that are members of the Facebook Members Only Group. Each Entrant may only win one prize.

2.4. Odds of winning being 5 in 11,500.

Winner Selection and Notification:

3.1.  Five (5) winners (each being a “Winner”) will be selected by random drawing from all eligible entries conducted by Sponsor, on June 5, 2023. The drawing will take place at 161 Britt Waters Rd, Milledgeville, GA, 31061. Winner need not be present to win, and Entrants may not attend drawing.

3.2. The Winners will be notified by receiving a Golden Ticket in their Mission 100 BattlBox subscription box, where they will then need to reach out to BattlBox to confirm receipt of Golden Ticket, provide proof of receiving the authentic Golden Ticket, and confirm they are able to travel during the assigned dates listed on the ticket. Such confirmation must be made in writing by email to [insert email address] within 5 business days of receiving their subscription box delivery (as determined by Sponsor based upon its records).

3.3. If a Winner does timely provide such confirmation to Sponsor as described above, an alternative winner may be selected, chosen at a subsequent random drawing. No money, fee, shipping, handling, or other consideration is owed, payable or due to Sponsor to claim or receive the prize.

Winner List:

4.1 For the name of the Winners (available after June 5, 2023, mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: BattlBox Mission 100, 161 Britt Waters Rd, Milledgeville, GA, 31061). Requests must be received no later than six (6) months after the end of the Promotion Period. The Winner List will be sent when the Winners have been verified.


5.1. One prize will be awarded to each Winner. The Prize consists of the following, which have a total Approx. Retail Value of $1,150.00:

  1. One (1) roundtrip coach class airfare for Winner from a major international airport within the contiguous United States to a location within the continental United States, departing on July 19, 2023 and returning on July 21, 2023;


  1. One (1) complimentary stay for Winner consisting of three (3) days and two (2) nights at a hotel or motel selected by Sponsor with a minimum 3-Star Rating selected by Sponsor;


  1. One (1) entry in to a Tank Shooting Experience where the participants will perform a skill-based activity shooting the tank cannon at a target down-range using a real military tank (the “Tank Shooting”). At the Tank Shooting, each Winner will have the opportunity to win up to $100,000 if the Winner is able to shoot and hit a specified target from the tank at the predetermined distance. If multiple Winners successfully hit the target, the prize pool will be split among them equally. If none of the contestants shoot the target, no one will win the $100,000 prize pool. Winner(s) who do not hit the target receive a 1-year term of Pro Plus Subscription boxes from Sponsor (Retail Value $2,400.00). Tank shooting will be video recorded with multiple witnesses.


  1. Ground transportation to and from the airport to lodging, as well as to and from lodging to the site of the Tank Shooting; and


  1. A $50 per diem allowance for food, drinks, and snacks, and travel during the Contest. The total per diem allowance is for 3 days, which include Wednesday (travel day), Thursday (event day), and Friday (travel day). The allowance is intended to cover reasonable meal and travel expenses. Contestants must comply with tax laws and reporting requirements. The Company reserves the right to modify or terminate the per diem allowance program at any time. By participating, contestants agree to the terms of the per diem allowance.

5.2. Prizes are non-transferable and may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash.


Intellectual Property:

6.1. By entering the Contest, participants grant Sponsor a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, publish, and display their entry, name, and likeness in any media for promotional purposes related to the Contest, Sponsor, and BattlBox.

Data Protection and Privacy:

7.1. The collection and processing of personal data during the Contest will be carried out in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and applicable data protection laws.


General Conditions:

8.1. Sponsor reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Contest at any time, for any reason.

8.2. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any participant who violates these Terms and Conditions or engages in any fraudulent activity.

8.3. Sponsor is not responsible for any lost, late, misdirected, or incomplete entries, or for any technical or human errors that may occur during the entry submission process or the voting period.

8.4. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Delaware.

  1. 8.5. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the Contest shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delaware.

Tax Obligations:

9.1. Winners of the cash prize are solely responsible for any applicable taxes, duties, or other governmental assessments that may arise from receiving the prize.

9.2. Sponsor will not withhold any taxes from the prize amount. It is the responsibility of the winner to determine and fulfill their tax obligations in accordance with the laws and regulations of their country or jurisdiction of residence.

  1. 9.3. Sponsor recommends that winners consult with a tax professional or seek appropriate advice regarding their tax obligations related to the prize.

Please note that the information provided in this section is for general guidance only, and Sponsor does not provide any tax advice or take responsibility for any tax liabilities incurred by the winners. Winners should consult with their own tax advisors or authorities for specific advice regarding their individual tax situations.

Morality Section

Dress Code:

1.1. Participants, influencers, and attendees shall dress in a manner deemed appropriate by Sponsor. The Company reserves the right to define and enforce the dress code for the Contest and related activities.

1.2. Participants, influencers, and attendees shall adhere to any specific dress code guidelines provided by the Company, ensuring that their attire is respectful, modest, and suitable for the nature of the event.

1.3 Contestants shall wear a shirt, hat, or other apparel accessories of Sponsor’s choice to promote their event sponsors.

Positive Conduct:

2.1. Participants, influencers, and attendees shall conduct themselves in a positive and respectful manner throughout the Contest and any associated activities.

2.2. Any public posting, including on social media platforms or other public forums, related to the Contest shall be done in a positive manner, avoiding any disparaging, defamatory, or offensive language or content.

Respect for Others:

3.1. Participants, influencers, and attendees shall treat each other, as well as the Company's staff, sponsors, affiliates, and associated individuals, with respect and courtesy.

3.2. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or bullying will not be tolerated and may result in immediate removal from the Contest premises or termination of sponsorship or participation.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

4.1. Participants, influencers, and attendees shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines throughout the duration of the Contest.

4.2. Any activities that violate local, national, or international laws or regulations are strictly prohibited and may result in legal consequences.

Responsible Behavior:

5.1. Participants, influencers, and attendees shall refrain from engaging in any behavior that may endanger themselves or others, cause damage to property, or disrupt the smooth running of the Contest.

5.2. The consumption of alcohol or drugs in excess, or any illegal substances, is strictly prohibited during the Contest and any associated activities.

Compliance with BattlBox Policies:

6.1. Participants, influencers, and attendees shall comply with all policies, guidelines, and instructions provided by Sponsor, whether communicated verbally, in writing, or through official channels.

By participating, sponsoring, or attending the Contest, individuals acknowledge and agree to abide by this Morality Section. Sponsor reserves the right to take appropriate action, including but not limited to disqualification, removal, or termination, against any individual who fails to comply with these moral standards.

Sponsor would like to inform all participants that in the event a contestant wins the Contest, the actual payment(s) of the prize(s) will be made by a designated insurance company. Sponsor is responsible for arranging the insurance coverage for the prize(s) and facilitating the payment process on behalf of the insurance company. This arrangement ensures a seamless and efficient prize payment procedure for the winner(s).

By participating in the Contest, contestants acknowledge and agree that Sponsor will not be directly making the payment(s) for the prize(s), but rather facilitating the payment(s) on behalf of the designated insurance company.