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Discover products tested by the BattlBox Crew from the episodes.

Episode 1 - Fire

Daniel has the BattlBox crew put fire-related products through their paces. Includes matches that laugh at fire extinguishers, Fabrics that can take the heat and Tools that assist in escaping a burning structure.

Episode 2 - Escape

The BattlBox Crew goes to great lengths — and depths — to test out potentially life-saving products while trapped and strapped in an underwater car.

Episode 3 - Rescue

Get ready for a company retreat like no other. Daniel and The BattlBox Crew head out into the wilderness on a rescue mission to find an “injured” mannequin. We may or may not have known it was Steve's Favorite Mannequin!

Episode 4 - Cutting Edges

We all Love Knives. Brandon calls out a custom knives Blade Sports legend. Steve has to find something portable that's not a knife to cut metal. Also, Daniel and Mikki work on the design of an all new Survival Knife.

Episode 5 - Fear

They say facing your fears is the best way to overcome them. Why not face them with the proper gear? The crew takes on snakes, confined spaces, physical attacks and even potential drowning to test these products.

Episode 5 - Fear

Episode 6 - Hurricane

With an actual hurricane on the way, Daniel, Brandon, Mikki and Steve are extra motivated to find the best gear to overcome the destruction a storm like this can bring.

Episode 7 - Vacation Survival

Just because they're on vacation, it doesn't mean there is no work to be done. The crew tests out some new cooking devices, camp security devices and a bait blaster at the beach.

Episode 8 - Disaster Strikes

Earthquakes and avalanches and mudslides, oh my! Mother Nature can be ruthless. The gang tries out products designed to help them survive a slew of serious natural disasters. Brandon really loves explosions FYI.


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