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Patrick Kelley

20 Questions Every True Prepper Should be Able to Answer

20 Questions Every True Prepper Should be Able to Answer

Are you a true prepper? The best way to find out (without throwing you into a SHTF scenario and watching your every move) is by answering a few questions. These questions are designed to make you think of everything so you can be prepared for anything.

Let’s start with the basics… Answer these questions first:

  • What is prepping?
  • Why are you prepping?
  • Who are you prepping for?

Were you able to answer those questions? Good! You at least have a general understanding of what prepping is and why it’s important.

Now for the fun part. How many of these questions can you answer confidently?

1. Where are all of your fire extinguishers located?

2. Where do you keep your bug out bag?

3. Can you remember the last time you updated your bug out bag?

4. Who else in your household or near you knows about your bug out plan?

5. How would you defend your home against an intruder?

6. How would you protect your home against an imminent natural disaster?

7. Do you know what type of natural elements threatens your home and family daily?

8. Could you suppress a fire without the fire department’s help?

9. Are you confident you could survive up to 3 weeks without power?

10. Are you confident you could survive up to 3 weeks without being able to leave your home (or your bug in place)?

11. Are you counting on anyone else for your own survival?

12. Does anyone else count on you for their survival?

13. Are you willing to salvage supplies around you?

14. Are you willing and prepared to utilize nature to help you survive?

15. How do you feel about the thought of being totally alone?

16. How much water do you have stored right now?

17. How much food do you have stored right now?

18. How confident are you in your ability to purify water to drink?

19. What’s the quickest route (and the route least likely to be overtaken or crowded with others) to get out of town?

20. What are your bug out triggers?

    If you can confidently answer at least 15 of these, you’re a true prepper.

    But if you weren’t able to answer at least 15 of these questions or you don’t feel totally confident in your ability as a prepper, it’s time to take some action.

    Here are a few resources for you:

    1. Our Facebook page. Head to our Facebook page and begin asking questions. There are plenty of folks here who are ready and willing to give you their feedback and experience, and they’ll never judge you for wanting to learn more.

    2. Our blog. We pack our blog with tips, checklists, and more for preppers and survivalists (plus some fun stuff, too). We update it often, so be sure to continue checking back for more updates. Here’s one to start with.

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