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4 Knots Every Prepper Should Know

4 Knots Every Prepper Should Know

For many of us survivalists, learning how to tie our first knot was the gateway into becoming a full-fledged prepper. Even though there are a ton of other skills we need to know before a SHTF scenario ever occurs, tying a knot is one of the most practical and versatile skills to have. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the community for years, there are a few knots that every prepper should know.

4 Knots to Have in your Knot Toolbox

Bowline Knot

knots every prepper should know - bowline knot

The bowline knot is known as the most useful knot in the prepper world. It’s traditionally used by sailors, but can be used to tie an end to a sturdy fixed point.

Where to use it:

  • During water rescues
  • To make a basic rock climbing harness
  • Constructing an emergency shelter
  • To tie down gear on a trailer
  • To make a loop style handle to carry heavy objects

Threaded Figure-Eight

knots every prepper should know - threaded figure eight

The threaded figure-eight knot is an essential climbing knot. The way it’s tied allows it to jam under strain. The best part about this knot is it’s easy to recognize, so you can easily check a buddy to make sure they’re safely knotted before the climb.

Where to use it:

  • Tying a rope onto an anchor
  • Attaching a rope to a climber’s harness
  • Creating a “stopper”

Halter Hitch

knots every prepper should know - halter hitch

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Technically, a hitch is different than a knot, but we’re ignoring that for a second. The halter hitch is incredibly useful and can tighten or hold a line, but is also easy to release. If you need to move quickly, this hitch is your best bet.

Where to use it:

  • Securing gear to the outside of your pack
  • Attaching a food bag to a line
  • Combining with other ties to create tighter lines
  • Making an impromptu backpack out of a sheet

Double Sheet Bend

knots every prepper should know - double sheet bend

When you’re in an emergency situation, there’s no time to be picky about which knot to use. The double sheet bend is a quick, easy knot that can be used in a variety of situations.

Where to use it:

  • When you need to combine multiple lines to make a longer one
  • Making a clothesline
  • Making a guideline across a river
  • Tying up bundles

Knowing how to tie your shoelaces and how to make a life-saving knot are two very different things… So it’s important that you brush up on your knot-tying skills every so often, and even learn a few new ones to add to your knot toolbox.

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