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Brandon Currin

4 Resources for Developing Your Survival Skills

4 Resources for Developing Your Survival Skills

Whether you’ve been a survivalist from day one, or you’re just getting started, there’s always something new for you to learn... Like how to properly open a folding knife without cutting yourself (cough, Currin, cough).



But for real, when it comes to developing your survival skills, a survivalist’s job is never done. If you need a little help in the survival education department, check out these 4 resources that’ll help get you up to speed.

BattlBox Articles

sweaty currin showing survival skills

Between all the knuckleheads we’ve got here at BattlBox, I think it’s safe to say we’ve got enough knowledge on all things survival to last you a lifetime. If you’re looking for an in-depth, hands-on glossary of articles to brush up on your technical and survival skill set, then you’ve found your pot of gold. You’re welcome.

Members Only Facebook Group

torch survival skills

Any true survivalist knows just how important building a community is. Besides, when SHTF, you don’t want to be alone. Ever seen I Am Legend? Yeah, prime example right there. One of the best parts about being a BattlBoxer is getting to meet and learn from like-minded people all around the country who, believe it or not, may be able to teach you a thing or two. If you’re not a part of this epic community of survivalists yet, you’re missing out!

60 Second Survival Videos

catching fish survival skills

Do you know how to escape duct tape restraints, or how to make a smoke bomb? No? Good news! You can learn how to do both of those as well as other tactical skills in less than a minute. Try out this video on how to catch food in 60 seconds, and let us know how it goes here!

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You’re only as good as your weakest tool. If you really want to develop your survival skills, you’re going to need to add some new gear to the mix. The best way to do that? Get your hands on a BattlBox subscription. Trust us, this is gear that you, quite literally, cannot live without. Join the BattlBox family and you can get sweet gear delivered to your doorstep every month!

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