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Brandon Currin

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Living off the Grid

living off the grid

Considering living off the grid? It’s a self-sufficient lifestyle that’s respected by many. It may intimidate some or seem completely impossible, but if you’re committed, it’s possible. However, before you take the leap and go off the grid, there are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. Where are you going to live? This is a big one. There are plenty of places where living off the grid is actually illegal. You can’t just pick a plot, build your tiny home on it, and begin living off the land. Do your research and find out all the restrictions in the areas you’re looking at. Doing the work up front will give you a more seamless experience down the road without running into any legal issues.

2. Why are you choosing to live off the grid? Are you fed up with government interference? Do you feel a calling to work for and support yourself instead of working for an institution? Do you just want to feel more freedom? Know why you’re choosing to do this (beyond just “it sounded fun!”) and you’ll be able to push through any challenges you may face.

3. How much technology do you want to keep? Yes, it’s possible to live in the middle of nowhere and not live like a caveman. You can still watch Netflix, you can still cook your meals on a normal stove, and you can still have running water - if you choose to do so. It’s possible to make all of these things happen but decide ahead of time how detached you really want to feel from the rest of the world. Some people really want to feel like they’re fully living off the land and don’t want any technology in their homes. Others just want a more simple lifestyle while still enjoying the things they’ve come to like about the “real world.” Either one is totally fine, but know where you stand.

  • 4. How will you cut expenses? Begin cutting expenses before you go off the grid so it’s not a total culture shock. Take a good look at your everyday life: what are the things you like to have, and what are the things you really need to live? When you take a step back, you’ll realize you don’t need much to survive. Start with the basics and begin taking note of the things that aren’t necessarily vital to your survival, but will give you a better quality of life.

  • 5. How will you make money? If you’ve saved up enough to live off the grid without working, hats off to you. But that’s not very likely, is it? Start a business. Explore your talents and your passions and turn them into a “career” (we’re using the word “career” lightly here, because it won’t feel like a stuffy corporate career if it’s something you love to do). People love handmade goods today, so you could make a fortune selling the things you love creating if you do it right. If you’re a genius when it comes to fishing, hiking, camping, or another skill, use that. Host camps in your area, give lessons, maybe even get big on YouTube with videos of your tips, knowledge, and experiences. Maybe you can grow produce or plants on your land and sell to a local farmer’s market. You have plenty of options, so never let money be the thing to hold you back from chasing your dream of living off the grid.
  • Don't forget about cooking off the grid!
  • Once you’re able to confidently answer these questions, you’re ready to get started. Living off the grid is an incredible choice, and we’d love to hear some of your answers and your experiences. Head to our Facebook page and leave us a post.

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