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Meghan Ham

5 Reasons NOT to try BattlBox

5 Reasons NOT to try BattlBox

1. You LOVE overpaying for outdoor and survival gear

There is no better feeling than unnecessarily losing your hard-earned money! Millions of people overspend on outdoor and survival gear every year, and they seem happy doing it. If you feel the same way, then a monthly subscription with Battlbox is not what you need! 

Who are we to tell people to stop overspending on gear? Battlbox is just a company that values providing high-quality outdoor gear at low prices to people on a monthly basis. But why would you be interested in something like that? You will also be disappointed to hear that Battlbox sends gear valued at nearly DOUBLE the cost of your monthly subscription. 

We know, we know…you get a gross feeling when you save that much money! But Battlbox is always here if you want to challenge the status quo. Branch out and save big with a monthly subscription at Battlbox.

2. You like spending hours of your day sourcing your own gear

We can all agree that the best part about going camping is hitting up 10 different stores or online sites to find all your supplies, right? The feeling of frantically checking off a list, store-by-store. The hundreds of options, and not knowing if you picked something of good quality? It’s exhilarating!

We are sorry to say that Battlbox will take all of that away from you. A team of experts will curate and test hundreds of products and select the best, highest quality gear to send out each month. No more spending all that gas money hiking from store to store. The only hiking you’ll be doing is out on the trails with hand-selected gear that was delivered right to your door.

3. You only like cheap-off brand gear that breaks after one use

This one goes out to the people who love overpaying for gear! Here is a helpful tip: there is no better way to waste your money than buying the same, low-quality gear over and over again. Congratulations, you are on your way to losing thousands of dollars!!

If you subscribe to one of Battlbox’s four (affordable) monthly plans, all you will get is high-quality gear that was hand selected and expert-approved! This stuff will stand the test of time and hold up against the harshest of situations. Hardly the stuff of dreams for someone who enjoys wasting their money. 

We may be in the minority on this one, but Battlbox will continue to procure durable and high-valued gear for our subscribers!

Heard enough? 

Join today to start receiving premium outdoor and survival gear hand-picked by our team of outdoor professionals. Discover new gear you never knew you needed, and each box will always be worth more than what you pay. What are you waiting for? Start your adventure today!

4. You like spending all your time indoors in front of a screen

Finally, someone who gets it! Who needs a Battlbox when you have an Xbox? Experiencing the wonders of the great outdoors and preparing yourself for survival in any situation is so 1700s! It’s not like we have to deal with natural disasters or global pandemics anymore. 

Battlbox has everything you need to prepare for dangerous situations and become self-sufficient in your life. We send gear that is essential to surviving off the grid, going on simple camping or hiking excursions, and everything in between. You might say we need to get with the times or that spending time outdoors is so last century! But Battlbox will always be here to preserve that vintage lifestyle. 

5. You don’t like finding new gear you never knew you needed

This may be the biggest deal-breaker with Battlbox. If you subscribe to Battlbox, then you will receive exciting, high-quality gear each month. Many of the items will be things you have never heard of or seen from other outdoor and survival gear providers. 

Who would want to live life on the edge like that? Getting a slew of surprises delivered to your door each month means that you will have to learn new things and experience new hobbies! I think we can all agree that sameness is what makes the world special, so you may not like that Battlbox blazes new paths in the outdoor and survival gear game.

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