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John Roman

5 Steps to Escaping Duct Tape Restraints

5 Steps to Escaping Duct Tape Restraints

We’ve all seen it in the movies at some point in our lives; the hero gets captured by the villain but somehow finds a way to break free. Even though some people see this scenario as completely unrealistic, survivalists know that anything can happen at any time. If you ever find yourself in a sticky (pun intended) situation involving duct tape restraints, follow these steps to get yourself the heck outta there.

Step 1: Try to get your hands into a praying position.

Step 2: Apply pressure at your fingertips as hard as you can.

Step 3: Make a wedge with your hands to act as a fulcrum.

Step 4: Bring your hands high above your head.

Step 5: Quickly swing your hands down through your waist with speed and pressure as if you were going to swing past your hips.

Duct tape isn’t the only thing that can be used as restraints. Zip ties, paracord, and rope can also be used to keep someone tied up and out of trouble. Have any tips, tricks, or awesome stories about escaping restraints? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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