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Patrick Kelley

5 Things to do After SHTF

5 Things to do After SHTF

We spend a lot of time preparing for when shit hits the fan. We learn new skills, invest in new gear, and practice our escape routes. Essentially, we’re ready for anything. But are we ready for what to do after SHTF?

Look at every emergency situation as a learning situation. No matter how big or small the emergency, you can learn a lesson or two from it. Even if you’re completely prepared for the situation and you’re proud of how you handled it, you can still learn from it. 

1. Run through all the details of the event. Trace the details back to the origin in order to find whatever caused the emergency situation. Was it something that should have been anticipated, prepared for, or even prevented? If it helps, talk through it with others in order to get all the details and learn as much as possible from it.

2. Pinpoint the most difficult aspect of the event. This is a personal opinion and may vary between others who were involved. What was the toughest aspect for you? This could be a great opportunity to discover the areas you need to spend the most time preparing.

3. Ask yourself what tools would have made experiencing this SHTF scenario easier on you. Were there any moments in which you thought “if only I had a [fill in the blank]”? If so, take that as a sign that you could use one of those things! Check out our store -- we probably have what you’re looking for.

4. Be honest with yourself and think about what skills you lacked. Was there anything you wished you could have done better? This is your time to learn which skills of yours are in need of the most refining.

5. Eliminate the excess. Were there any tools or items that you could have done without? This is your time to eliminate those things you just don’t need and create more space for those items that you do need.

The best thing to do after SHTF is to go over every step you took, every decision you made, every tool you used, and every thought you had throughout the entirety of it. Walk through it with anyone else that was involved, and break it all down. Don’t leave anything out, and remember: this could mean life or death.

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