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Daniel Dabbs



No, I’m not saying you should trade in the gym life for a sedentary life on the couch. Instead, I’m saying you should consider ditching your gym membership for the great outdoors. Doing so can have tremendous effects on your health, both mental and physical.


  • It’s (almost) free! Gym memberships can cost an outrageous amount of money each month, and rates could rise even after you’ve already committed. Besides the occasional parking fee or entrance fee, hiking, camping, and running outdoors are usually free of charge. Yes, you’ll have to invest in some gear and tools if you haven’t already, but isn’t this true of any hobby or lifestyle?
  • Better views. Let’s face it. The inside of a gym doesn’t even compare to the views you get while hiking. Plus, no one wants to see your gym selfie. Replace those with views of mountain ranges and crystal clear lakes, and see what happens.
  • Get the whole family involved. It’s tough to find a gym or workout where the whole family (or your whole friend group) can join, but anyone can get outside. Grab the crew and find a location and hiking intensity that works for all of you, and see how much better you can all bond.
  • Make new friends from all over the world. Gym friends are great, but have you ever met a friend on a hiking trail in the middle of a mountain range? You’d be surprised who you can meet and what relationships can come out of this lifestyle. You may even find someone from across the globe that you can keep in touch with.
  • Put your phone down. How many times have you pulled your phone out while on the treadmill? How many times have you watched an entire T.V. show while at the gym? Working out should be relieving and relaxing, but focusing on technology can take away that aspect. When you’re outside (especially if you have no cell service), you’re encouraged to keep your phone tucked away, and you’re not even thinking about binge watching that T.V. show.
  • A better workout. Hiking burns almost twice as many calories as walking on a treadmill does. And flat surfaces? No, thank you! I’ll take a mountain or trail any day.


    Ready to change your lifestyle? Join me outside and ditch your gym membership! Let me know how it works for you.

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