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Patrick Kelley

6 Things About Medical Kits Every Prepper Should Consider

6 Things About Medical Kits Every Prepper Should Consider

Without a medical kit handy, you and your family face grave danger. Even if you do have one, do you have everything you need? More importantly, do you know how to use all the items?

Even the smallest scratch can become infected and become deadly if you don’t have the proper supplies available, so this is kind of a big deal. It can be overwhelming to think about all that should go into planning and putting together a medical kit, but as a BattlBoxer, you know the worth of prepping. So let’s talk about some of the things you may not have considered yet.

  1. Consider worst-case scenarios, but be realistic. Plan for the disasters that could happen. In other words, don’t sacrifice space for the necessary items to make room for medicine or treatments you’ll never actually need. Certain items like pain relievers and bandages are essential, but do you really need 3 different types? Nope.
  2. Build yours for you and your family. Your medical kit will be completely different from mine. And that’s how it should be. No person is the same, and no person has the exact same needs. Focus on what you and your family need, not what your neighbor sees as essential.
  3. Never buy pre-made. Pre-made kits can be helpful starter kits, but they’ve likely cut some corners to give you the price you want, instead of the quality. Plus, they don’t know you and your specific conditions or needs, so don’t trust them with something that could change your life.
  4. Make sure your kit stands out. Don’t use a bag or box that blends in with everything else you own, or with other people’s kits. Find something that’s easily distinguishable, especially if you have kids. Make sure they know how to find it in the case of an emergency.
  5. Ensure your kit can be transported easily. Don’t fill up your bag with items so heavy that you can’t carry it for more than a few minutes. If you’re in an emergency that requires you to evacuate or relocate, there’s no telling how long you’ll have to carry it. Find something with a solid strap, or something compact enough that it can fit into another bag of yours.
  6. Know how to use your items. You can have all the necessary items in the world, but if you lack the skills on how to use them, these items are essentially worthless. Do your research, folks. Practice, learn, and teach your family members or others around you in case you’re compromised and in need of emergency assistance.

Remember: this stuff can save a life, so this isn’t something you want to ignore or take lightly. Take the time to do your research and proper planning to make sure you and your family are covered in any type of emergency.

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