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7 Unexpected Uses for Your BattlBox Tarp

7 Unexpected Uses for Your BattlBox Tarp

There are few tools out there as versatile (and simple) as a tarp. There are so many more uses for it besides just building a shelter. Don’t let it sit with the rest of your camping gear until you need it; see how you can incorporate it into other aspects of your life.

Because it’s so light and compact, you can take it virtually anywhere. Toss one in your hiking pack, keep one in your vehicle, or throw one in your bug out bag for later.

Here are 7 ways to use your tarp:

Protect the bottom of your tent. This is the most basic use of your tarp, but can really come in handy when you’re camping near plenty of sticks and rocks that can easily puncture your tent. If you rip your tarp, you can typically still get by; but ripping your tent could put you in big trouble.

Protect your tent (or yourself) in the rain. Don’t have a rainfly? Use your tarp! Tie it up between branches to keep your tent, your camping space, your firepit, or even yourself dry and warm.

Cover your stuff. Storing a bunch of stuff at your campsite? What about in the back of your truck, jeep, or other open vehicle? Throw that tarp over the top of the pile and keep ‘em safe and dry.

Keep your stuff dry while boating. Whether you find yourself in a kayak, canoe, or good old fishin’ boat, your tarp can be used to protect your personal items, especially those that can’t get wet.

Shield yourself from the sun. If you find yourself in the middle of a hike in the scorching sun, pull your tarp out for a quick sun shelter.

Block the wind. We all know how tough it can be to start a fire on a windy day, or keep your campsite from blowing away when the wind picks up. Hang your tarp from some trees on the outside of your campsite to block some of it and make it a whole lot less miserable.

HAVE FUN! There are plenty of practical uses for your BattlBox tarp… But where’s the fun in staying practical? We like to have fun, too! Use your tarp as a giant slip ‘n slide, play “parachute” with your kids, create a fort indoors, the list goes on… Your kids will love it almost as much as you will.

Mission 20: Shelter Building and Tinder Collection included our very own BattlBox tarp, and you can even purchase it here if ya missed out. Got any more uses (fun or practical) for your tarp? We’d love to hear ‘em. Share them on social media and be sure to tag us in your photos!
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