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Samantha Daly

8 Man-Approved Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

8 Man-Approved Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Okay, ladies. This one’s for you. We all know Valentine’s Day is traditionally spent getting all prettied up and going to a nice ($$$) dinner. But what if it could be about something else? Valentine’s Day (or any date night for that matter) should show how much you and your partner know each other, and you should be able to do something that makes each other happy.

We’ve compiled some of the best man-approved date nights for the outdoors enthusiasts. You’re welcome.

  1. Four-wheeling. This is a fun way to get the adrenaline pumping and break out of the norm. Depending on your area, there are different places you can rent four-wheelers from if you don’t already own some. But if you’re looking for a big gift idea to go along with your date, get one of these bad boys for your man.
  2. Hiking. There’s just something special about a good hike. You don’t need to go anywhere too far away (although this could help keep it more adventurous). Find a trail that works for both of you, and spend all day exploring. Sometimes, the best date ideas are the ones where you don’t plan out everything and you can just go with the flow.
  3. Disc golf. This is a fun, free, and relaxing way to get competitive together. Many parks now offer disc golf, and you can either rent discs or pick up some at a local sports equipment store.
  4. Paintball. Be on his team, or compete against each other. Either way, he’ll love that you’re getting down and dirty (and covered in paint) for him.
  5. Shooting. Take him out in the wilderness OR a nearby shooting range and get firing. If you’re not an avid shooter yourself, take this time to allow him to show you a thing or two. We love teaching our ladies about our hobbies and passions, so this could be a great time to make it happen.
  6. Camping. Take him to his favorite camping spot OR bring the camping to your home. Set up the tent in the backyard or even in the living room. Make it extra romantic with his favorite beer and snacks, and maybe even some (manly) candles. It’s the perfect way to feel like you’re getting away without having to drop tons of money on a fancy hotel.
  7. Rent a badass car. What’s his favorite car? His ultimate dream car? Rent one for the day and let him drive you around wherever he wants to go. Even consider taking a road trip or making dinner reservations a few towns over so he gets to drive it all day long. Don’t forget to remind him how cool he looks throughout the day.
  8. Rent a boat. If your man doesn’t already own a boat, renting one for the day can give him his fix. Name him Captain for the day and either make it a long, relaxing day on the water or an adrenaline-packed day of tubing, speed boating, or water skiing.
We hope you’re ready for Valentine’s Day or your next date night. If you try any of these things or have more suggestions, join the discussion on our Facebook page. We’d love to talk.

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