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Daniel Dabbs



Ahh, tactical gear. If you’re part of the BattlBox community, you probably have your own go-to EDC and tactical gear. But if you’re just starting out or you’re new to this whole lifestyle, here’s everything you need to know when it comes to the world of tactical gear.

First, here are some examples of tactical gear you can find in some of our previous Missions:

  • Tactical neck knife
  • Tactical belt
  • Fire cord
  • Tactical gloves
  • Tactical pen


    For some more examples, check out what came in the box in Mission 4 and Mission 15.


    Next, let’s talk about what tactical gear is:

  • It can be anything from clothing to tools.
  • Its primary function is for safety and efficiency (but we think it’s also for fun).
  • The purpose of tactical gear is to make your job, your hobby, your survival, and your everyday life easier.


    Here are the benefits of tactical gear:

  • Obviously, the most important benefit of tactical gear is safety.
  • There are so many options, making it fun and easy to find what tools are best suited for you and your daily life.
  • You get a sense of security from your tactical gear. Many tools can be used for self defense, or even to aid you in an emergency.
  • Finding the right tactical gear for yourself can help you be more efficient in your everyday life. You’ll have plenty of time to experiment and train with your gear, so when the time comes, you feel confident in using it.


    Let’s get personal. Here are some of the tactical gear that you can typically see our crew members with:

  • A knife or two (typically a previous Knife of the Month knife, which you get as a Pro Plus subscriber).
  • A tactical pen. This can typically double as a defense tool, so you can quickly and easily break glass or defend yourself when needed.
  • Some sort of firearm. Whatever you feel the most comfortable (and the most badass) with.


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