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John Roman

BattlBox Stories: Morgan’s Adventure

battlbox stories

We love our customers -- all of you. Whether you’re a loyal subscriber, a BattlBox Shop junkie, or you’ve just come on board, we appreciate you all. And we love hearing your BattlBox stories.

This one comes from Morgan.

battlbox stories: morgan

I wanted to share what I consider a major event mainly to show appreciation for the awesome product you deliver. I took my 7-year-old daughter hiking and camping in the woods of New Hampshire. This was her first time camping without pulling up in a truck but carrying what we needed. We’ve been talking about it for a while, and she saw the video you made when showing off the BattlTac backpack, our minds were made up. When we got it, my daughter loved the fact that it was hers. I tested it out on a family Disney trip and it worked out great.

In lieu of writing up the whole story, I just want to say this: we had an amazing trip. When packing everything back up, I realized almost everything we had was because of your company. In most cases I loved some of the products so much I’ve bought multiples. The biggest hit was that I got to use the Water Drops. This was not only a hit with my daughter, but it also blew the minds of a couple guys staying in the area. We brought enough water for the day there and to cook with, dropped those in, and used them the next day. My daughter still asks me to break them out almost every weekend.

In addition, when we go “glamping,” I always get asked where I get the cool stuff I have and one of the groups always says “let me guess, Battlbox” before I answer every time.

Thank you for a great product that not only supplies you with stuff but also a mindset to use it. I don’t know if we would have done what we had done without the equipment I already had. It ended up being a bonding experience we both hold onto.

battlbox stories

Thank you, Morgan. And thank you, everyone! We make these boxes for you, and we carefully choose the gear each mission with you in mind, so we love hearing when the gear comes in handy. Have your own BattlBox story? Share it with us at and we might even feature it.

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