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Benefits of Solar Panels for Self-Sufficient Living

Benefits of Solar Panels for Self-Sufficient Living

Did you know how beneficial it is to move to self-sufficient living? Self-sufficient living means that you are self-sufficient in terms of any resource you will need. A major step towards self-sufficient living is to meet your renewable energy requirements, and one amazing way is to have a solar panel system.

Solar cells provide enough renewable energy to meet your power requirements, and they come with many other benefits as well. Here we will be elaborating on all those amazing benefits.

Amazing benefits of solar panels for self-sufficient living

The following are some of the best benefits of a solar panel system for Self Sufficient living.

1. No need to pay huge power bills

The first major benefit and the benefit that most people get solar panels for is the reduction of power bills. If you install them at home, you will reduce the amount of electricity typically used. If your home is fully powered by a solar electric system day and night, then you will technically get 0 bills. How cost effective!

The best part is that some countries also allow supplying power from your home to the grid, which comes with additional earnings or tax savings.

2. No worries about blackouts

There are still many parts of the world where blackouts happen. Some have regular blackouts, while some only get them occasionally. No matter where you live, you will never need to worry about the power outages. The solar power system comes with a complete backup for your home for several hours and is the best option for those living in blackout areas.

So, even if there is a blackout at night, your home will always have ample electricity. 

3. Opportunity to play your part for a better future

Environmental issues like global warming and climate change are getting more common and more severe. A huge role in these issues is fossil fuel burning, which we use for generating electricity. So, when you get solar cells for a self-sufficient living, you will be playing your part for the better future of this planet.

Solar power is known as green energy because there are nearly no environmental issues. It is one of the most attractive benefits of having this beneficial technology.

4. Works everywhere

Solar panels are not restricted by anything. No weather issues, no location issues, and no other problems. The only requirement here is to have direct sunlight. If you get a good supply of sunlight, your solar panels will generate electricity for free.

It also means that you can take them anywhere on your RV and enjoy electricity even when away from any other power source.

5. You are independent by all means.

Installing an off grid solar system or at home set up is not dependent on anything. You do not need to involve any power company or government agency as you do for regular electricity supply. All your decisions about the installation at your property will be energy independence.

Thus, you can install one at your home, in different portions, on your outdoor property, RV, and any other property where you want them and become energy efficient.

6. Solar panels are durable and do not need a lot of maintenance

The maximum maintenance solar panels will need from you will be removing dust from them. If you are in a place where there is a lot of snowfall, you may need to remove snow from the panels as it will stop them from functioning. So, there is almost no maintenance for them.

In terms of durability, they do not face a lot of wear and tear. The average life of these panels is 25-30 years which means that it will be a lifelong investment for many people to move towards self-sufficient living.

7. Right opportunity to go smart

Smart electricity usage saves a lot of power and cuts power bills. However, most people have not adapted to this lifestyle yet. It is only because they still have all the old-school electric systems and appliances in their place.

Moving to a self-sufficient lifestyle and installing a solar energy system means that you get the opportunity to make everything smart. In this way, you will know all the energy consumption and saving stats on your smartphone. Thus, you can adapt to practices for better sustainability.

8. Better value of property or vehicle

An unsung benefit of getting solar panels is that they will increase the value of your property and vehicle. More and more buyers are becoming aware of the benefits of having solar panels on the property, mobile homes, and RVs. So, when you need to sell yours, you will get a better value because of installing a solar energy system.

9. Silent electricity

When we talk about self-sufficient electricity for emergencies, the common idea is to have a backup generator. Those provide enough power, but there are some major cons:

  • They are extremely loud and cause noise pollution
  • There is a lot of air pollution because of burning gas as a fuel
  • You always need to manage backup fuel for those generators, which can be hazardous on many levels.

On the other hand, there will be none of those issues mentioned earlier when you get solar panels. So, it is silent, convenient, and clean energy efficiency.

10. Always have a backup.

Installing solar panels alone with the inverter is good for daytime. However, installing the complete system that includes batteries also means that you will always have some backup power to meet your electricity requirements. While you are on the move in an RV or at home, you will always have a backup for when there is no sunlight.

11. Best for survival situations

The last benefit that we will be discussing here is that solar panels are good for survival situations. Whether we talk about outdoor survival apart from an urban area or indoor survival in some emergency survival situation, the solar energy kits will never let you down.

As long as there is sunlight, they will provide power without interruption in an energy efficient way. It makes solar panels extremely beneficial for self-sufficient living. It is because otherwise, you will depend on national agencies to meet your power requirements.

Final Verdict

Having solar panels brings many benefits to your life experiences and budget. While it might be a big investment, it comes with many benefits for a self-sufficient living and energy efficiency. So, if you are also planning to move towards self-sufficient living, then getting solar panels will be a huge step in the right direction. Get started on your extended research now! How many solar panels do you need for your home? How much energy consumption does a typical family home have? These questions are a great place to start.

Image by Maria Godfrida from Pixabay 

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