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Camping with your dog and children: What to bring?

Camping with your dog and children: What to bring?

Camping is an immersive experience where you learn a lot about yourself and your surroundings. However, when you go camping with your dog and children, you can have a lot more fun. If you are going on a pet friendly camping trip, there are many things you will have to consider. Yes! You will indeed have a little more responsibility, but bringing the right stuff along can surely help you out.

So, if you are also packing stuff and are unsure what to pack, we have an up to date guide for you. Stick till the end, and you will know what to pack for your children and your pet dog. So, pet owners, listen up!

Things that you must not miss when you are traveling with your children

We have divided this guide into two different sections to easily pack things into different sections. Below are the necessary things that you need to pack for your kids.


Camping with kids might be the right opportunity for you to teach them navigation without gadgets. So, bringing a compass will be the right product that you can carry.


Fire starting kit

When camping with your kids, you may need to teach them to survive in the outdoor world. Preparing some meals of roasting smores will need fire, and the fire starting kit will be necessary for that.



Whether you need to open something to eat or cut veggies for preparing your meal, having a knife when camping with kids will ensure a smooth experience. The knife will also help prepare fresh caught meat or fish.


Wet and dry wipes and hand sanitizer

Keeping wet and dry wipes will ensure that your kids will never have to worry about a shortage of water at the camping site. Moreover, the sanitizer will keep them germ-free. So, whether your kid is a clean freak or not, you must bring wipes along.


Spare clothes

The next thing that you must pack is a set of spare clothes. You never know when your kids need to change because of anything. They could vomit or make their clothes dirty, making it necessary to change. So, if you are keeping one spare, then it will be better to keep one or two extra because who knows when you will need one.

Plastic bags

Carrying plastic bags can save you from many issues if your kid has travel sickness. Vomiting is a common issue that kids face when traveling, and a plastic bag can save the day. These can also be beneficial in managing rubbish and wrappers.

Kids' medication if necessary

If you think that your kid has some special medical issue, then packing medical supplies is necessary. If there is no issue, you still need to pack the first aid stuff to ensure no emergency that you cannot treat.

Fun activity stuff

The last necessary thing that you must pack will be related to the fun and activity for your kid while camping. For example, if you are going to a fishing site, bringing your kid's fishing supplies will be better. Similarly, some of these things will also help in keeping your kid busy:

  • Board games
  • Toys
  • Books

It would be better to ask your kid what they need to pack if you cannot keep everything.

Things that you must not miss when you are traveling with your dog

When taking your dog camping with you, it is better to bring all of the following things. This isn't like a trip to the dog park! 


It would help if you did not consider how friendly or calm your furry friend is. Circumstances will be different when you are in your home and outdoors. In a new outdoor place like a camping site or hiking trails, your dog will be exposed to many new sounds and smells, which will give rise to curiosity. So, bringing a leash is necessary as it will give you more control over your dog. Most pet friendly campgrounds will require it anyway

Dog collar and tag

Even when you bring a dog leash, it will be better to bring a dog collar and tag along. If your dog runs away or gets lost in any circumstances, you will most probably find it out. It is because anyone who finds your dog will know that it is a pet dog, and the details on the tag will help them contact you. If you have the Apple Air Tag dog collar, you can have that too, as you can track the real-time location of your dog this way.

Dog sleeping bed

No matter if you are sleeping in your car, motor home, or camp, you need to make sure to bring the sleeping bed of your dog. Good sleep is necessary for your dog, and when away from home, your dog may not be most comfortable. So, bringing the sleeping bag will ensure that they also get the comfort they need.

Outdoor flashlight

Whether it is your nature's call or you need to go for dog's duty at night, things will be tough in the dark. Having an outdoor flashlight will make sure that you always see the way.



When you are camping outdoors, you may need to go for dog's duty. While you cannot always use a plastic bag to manage the waste, taking a shovel along will ensure that you are always burying the waste when your dog is done, so you are not creating any bad effects for the campsite.

Collapsible bowls and dog food

Keeping collapsible bowls and food ensures that you can always feed your dog at the right time. So, ensure to bring one when camping with your dog.

Dogs' medications

Lastly, it will be better to carry the first aid medication for your dog, as having a dog that is not fit can ruin your whole camping experience. Medications that keep the dog calm will also help when camping, so your dog does not do anything bad out of excitement. Having a fully packed first aid kit should always be a top priority when packing for camping trips.

Final Remarks:

Packing the right stuff with you when going camping with your dog and kids means that you will be ready for everything. So, if you are also facing confusion, you can follow this guide to pack all the necessary and right stuff for your camping trip.

Image by Audrius Vizbaras from Pixabay 

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