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Could this be the new normal?

Could this be the new normal


Like you, we are filled with concern, anxiety, and astonishment as we watch the effects of the coronavirus pandemic wash across this nation and the world. We either know someone, or know someone who knows someone who has felt the effects of the illness.


In the military, when a medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) is required, a specific format of nine categories (or lines) of information is conveyed. The use of the “9-line” organizational method, particularly in a high stress, quickly changing combat environment, helps ensure those wounded get the assistance they need as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.


As a company from the very start, they wanted to be a “Nine Line” for America.


Right now they have been working with a task force of scientists, engineers and distributors to produce — right here in America — a personal protective mask built to work like the industry standard N-95, blocking airborne germs that could lead to infection.


The Homeland Sourcing AMPP Mask (American Made Personal Protective) is a patent-pending, American-made, injection-molded product we’ve developed in response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.


The AMPP Mask is sourced and printed in Detroit, MI. The mask is made of durable and flexible plastic materials, and the adjustable strap ensures a secure yet comfortable fit.


The AMPP Mask is reusable and easy to clean. The front of the mask (filter cage) snaps on and off to allow the filters to be replaced.

 AMPP mask bundle

AMPP Mask Bundle


Nine Line Apparel’s unofficial task force has designed, produced and tested this revolutionary American Made Personal Protective mask without a dime of federal funding, in record time.  One thing we haven’t been able to speed up is the FDA approval process. The AMPP Mask is composed of all FDA-approved material, we still need the FDA labs to test how the materials all work together. We’re hoping to secure Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.


In the meantime, we’ve created a Masks for Heroes initiative to get as many AMPP Masks as possible to those on the front lines of the COVID pandemic, including health care professionals, first responders and law enforcement officers.


Last month, in partnership with Harris Lowry Manton, Nine Line donated 1,000 protective masks to our hometown heroes of the Savannah Fire Department, Savannah Police Department and Chatham EMS as part of our Masks for Heroes initiative.


In addition, Nine Line set up a free mask fund.  They have partnered with United Way Coastal Empire to accept donations to provide masks to those in need. Through the UWCE, your contributions will support the needs of nonprofits and government agencies in the healthcare and human services fields.


Finally, Nine Line Apparel set up a GoFundMe page to raise the necessary out-of-pocket costs of scaling up production of the injection-molded AMPP mask and replaceable filtration material. In the absence of federal funding, Nine Line Apparel is working with industry leaders in manufacturing like Bella Canvas, engineers from Gulfstream and GA Tech, and scientists specializing in non-woven filtration materials from around the globe. We don’t have months or even weeks to wait on someone else to develop a viable and scalable solution for personal protective equipment in this critical time.


We are forever indebted to the patriots who have supported Nine Line and Their mission over the last eight years. Now they want to make sure they are doing what we can to help America.


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