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Daniel Dabbs



Getting caught in a fire: something we rarely think about but definitely should.

Would you consider yourself prepared when it comes to dealing with a fire? Knowing the basic principles about fire could save your life, and some time, if you ever happened to be faced with one.

Here are a few things you and your family should know about fire:

Smoke can be more dangerous than the flames themselves. Contrary to popular belief, inhalation of smoke and noxious gases from a fire are more deadly than burns. Kitchen fires, improperly put out cigarettes, and carelessness around fireplaces make up a large majority of common fires. Be aware of the causes of fires, especially ones like these that can smolder and smoke for a while.

Fire is faster than you may think. In a matter of seconds, a minor flame can turn into an enormous fire. It can take only five minutes for an entire home to be filled with thick smoke. If you and your family are awoken by a fire, don’t waste any time. Get out quick.

Beware of the heat. Heat from a fire can reach up to 100 degrees at floor level and 600 degrees at eye level, which is why you want to always stay low to the ground. The heat from the flames can easily burn your lungs if inhaled, so stay low and keep moving.

Knowing how to act when put in front of flames can be crucial for survival, especially with how little time it takes for the flames to spread. Take some time to educate yourself and your family on the principles of fire so you’re always prepared. Got some of your own tips on how to deal with fire? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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