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Ben Burckhalter

Everything you should include in your Survival Hygiene kit

Everything you should include in your Survival Hygiene kit

“Keep clean” has become one major misunderstood aspects of the present culture. Avoiding toxic germs is certain to stay healthy. We must also develop our immunity to the world outside and prepare our body to fight with all type of germs and stay fit during survival situations.

It is easier to lose your direction or pack when mountaineering, hiking, camping, or hunting. Ultimately, It will take you into a survival situation you might haven’t planned for. Learning key skills to stay healthy in a survival situation is also important.

Tips for maintaining personal hygiene in a survival situation

Let's face the fact poor hygiene practices have killed more than anything else in human history. If prolonged, especially during survival, it will become the number one killer for people again.

Therefore, learning what to do in a survival situation is more important than you think. Here we have enlisted a few important tips to help you maintain personal hygiene in survival situations.

So, here we go:

  • Avoid washing your hands or body excessively in a survival situation. However, if you clean meat, are surrounded by dead people, or touch dead animals, you must wash your hands often. Otherwise, let your body develop its natural resistance mechanism.
  • Use essential oils when you need to clean or disinfect yourself naturally. Essential oils are familiar for their anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antiseptic properties.
  • Evergreens are easier to find, even in survival situations. These are also easy to use for cleanliness and serve as antibacterial goodness’ lifeline in a survival situation.
  • Keep a small soap bar in your hygiene kit always that you can use to clean your washcloths wherever you go.

Must-have hygiene items for your Survival Hygiene kit.

We believe that life is always unpredictable. However, preparedness is the key to withstanding whatever life throws at you. It is imperative to save a life by incorporating personal hygiene, even in survival situations. Preparing a personal hygiene kit for survival is your way to achieve this.

Here we have enlisted some of the must-have hygiene items you must consider to add to your survival hygiene product list.

So, here we go:

1. Soap

Admit it or not, soap is a must have item for your survival hygiene kit. You can use a bar of soap to keep your body neat and clean. However, it is also needed to keep your hygiene better and washing cloths and dishes etc. However, using a natural soap bar in your survival hygiene product list is always better.

GRENADE SOAP CO. MAVERIX SOAP can be a lucrative option to consider here. Considering hygiene as your survival fundamental, it is imperative to invest in high-quality soap. The soap is 100% USA-made, which means you can stay at peace with the quality and reliability it will deliver.

2. Washcloths

Washcloths are also imperative to add to your hygiene product list. It can serve multiple practical use cases. For example, you can use your washcloth to scrub your body. In addition, it can also be used to remove dirt and other things.

You must keep at least 2 washcloths in your survival kit. Most importantly, cleaning your washcloths with soap after every use is always necessary. We always recommend getting durable, sturdy clothes that can easily do the job. Microfiber washcloths are usually the best to consider.

3. Wet wipes

Wet Wipes are more important than just keeping your kids in diapers refreshed and clean. There are plenty of practical applications for wet wipes, which you can use during a survival situation. Due to multiple use cases, Wet wipes have also become imperative to add to every survival hygiene kit.

For instance, wet wipes can wipe down dirty surfaces, clean your hands, and refresh your body.

You can consider investing in EPIC WIPES when maintaining your hygiene. The wipes come handiest to keep yourself and your surfaces clean when you are away from normal facilities. You can also carry these wipes on camping, hiking, fishing, mountaineering, and other outdoor trips. The compact design of these wipes will easily fit into your survival hygiene kit.

4. Toothbrush and paste

Oral hygiene is another important aspect of staying healthy. Any infection in your mouth can cause multiple problems throughout your body. Therefore, you must keep a toothbrush and toothpaste handy when preparing a survival hygiene kit.

5. Shampoo

Even though you don’t have to impress anyone during a survival situation, having high-quality shampoo is imperative. Washing your head when needed can help you to stay fresh and free of any laziness that can affect your overall health.

6. Microfiber camp towel

Having a large microfiber camp towel in your hygiene product list is also important. You can use the towel and clean it at night as it will dry by the morning. You can use it for multiple cleaning purposes on the go.

7. Personal grooming tools

Although personal appearance would be a key concern in survival, maintaining overall hygiene is imperative to feel good and stay healthy. Therefore, you must stock up your hygiene kit with basic grooming tools like scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, a comb, and more.

Other hygiene items to include in your survival hygiene product list

Besides the basic hygiene product list, there are several hygiene items to include in your kit.

Here we have enlisted some additional options that you may consider for your survival hygiene kit:

  • Dental floss
  • Deodorant
  • Breath freshener
  • Hair ties
  • Shower cap, and more.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your hygiene, even during survival, is important to stay healthy. Add the must-have hygiene items in your survival hygiene kit to stay healthy and clean everywhere. The hygiene product list can go pretty long per your personal hygiene items choices. However, if you want your survival hygiene kit compact and small, then the must-haves mentioned earlier would benefit you.

Image by Couleur from Pixabay


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