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Brandon Currin

Getting the Most out of Your BattlBox Subscription

Getting the Most out of Your BattlBox Subscription

So you’ve finally decided to get a BattlBox subscription, huh? Well first of all, howdy and welcome aboard! We’re pumped to have you. 

I wanted to let you in on a few different ways you can get the most out of your subscription. Whether you joined to jump-start your EDC, outdoor, or survival stash, or you joined to add to an already large stockpile of gear, these things can help you focus on what you need to learn and how you can grow as an outdoorsman, survivalist, or gear junkie. 

The Members Only Facebook group

If you have a BattlBox subscription, you automatically qualify to join our Members Only Facebook group. It doesn’t take long to get accepted, and once you are, you’ll have access to some of the best folks around.

This is seriously an amazing community and the Facebook group is a great way to get some answers, feedback, and even cool gear. You’ll find plenty of folks looking to sell or trade gear, as well as people willing to answer any questions you might have. Curious about how to use a product? Ask away. Wanna know the best methods or the best trails to take on an upcoming trip? That’s what these people are here for. 

The sitrep cards

Inside every BattlBox is a sitrep card detailing each item you’re receiving. They’re packed with everything you need to know about each product as well as the reasons we decided to add each to the box. By reading this each month, you’ll get valuable info that you need to know before using your new gear. 

Oh… And I’m not just saying this because I write them all. 

The vidjas

Ahh yes, the BattlBox vidjas. If you’re new around here, you may not have noticed that I put together a fun unboxing video for each box. I’ll show you how to use your new gear, give you some recommendations, and maybe even make a fool out of myself a little bit… just for y’all! 

All videos are posted on our What’s in the Box page and are updated shortly after folks start receiving boxes. They can be pretty lengthy, so choose a good time to sit down with your gear and watch! 

That’s it, folks. The three most important things you can do to get the most out of your BattlBox subscription. We’re stoked to have you in our community and hope you’re ready to get some awesome new gear.

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