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Daniel Dabbs

How to Bear-Proof your Campsite

How to Bear-Proof your Campsite

Here are some things you can do to bear-proof your campsite:

  • Create separate spots for your tent, your kitchen, and your food storage -- 100 yards between each station.  Check this article for most common camping mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Keep your campsite clean. It may not be your favorite idea after a hearty campfire meal, but it’s definitely a smart one. It’s important to get rid of all traces of cooked food after a meal. Check around your campground -- most places have bear-proof trash cans.  
  • Use the “hang your food” method. Pick out a tree at least 100 yards from your tent to hang your food. The sack should be at least 12 feet high and hanging 4 feet away from the tree.  
  • Be careful what you cook. Bacon not only makes human mouths water, but imagine how the bear feels!


    To summarize, keep it clean! Eliminate food-like smell as best you can, and always pick up after yourself. Have any more tips? Head on over to our Facebook page to let your fellow BattlBoxers know.

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